By the numbers:

· 23 years old
· 3 siblings
· 12 cousins
· 4 niece and nephews (about 14 including cousins' kids)
· 2 degrees (BA Psych/Bio, MS Journalism--by the way, why is it that the "arts" one is for a science and the "science" one is for a humanity?)
· $18,000/yr projected starting salary
· 1 Toyota Camry (beaten up)
· 1 life to Christ
· 1.17 units of "street cred" (and for saying "units" I just lost it all)
· 0 electoral votes
· 24, current favorite TV show
· 7 swans-a-swimming
· 251,598 people in my Friendster personal Network

Owen Cheng Lei was born Owen Cheng Lei on a late October date in the late 70's.

He remembers absolutely nothing of that era and has very few ties to disco, although there is that thing about polyester.... just kidding.

He does have a Chinese name, Lei Kaicheng (Lui Hoising in Cantonese), but even his cousins in Taiwan call him Owen.


Things that define me? God, Asian American-ness and a great love of all things food.

I'm someone who loves to go out, find a story and tell that story. (Suddenly, this profile becomes a cover letter! ;) )

I'm also someone who spends too much time working on his web page, trying to learn to cook and toying with all sorts of gadgets.

TV is my hobby. News is my passion. Science is my secondary joie d'vivre.

Such a nerd, I know. :)

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