{ 31 March 2002 }
5:00 PM |  
Okay, break is over... I've done some major cleaning, and now it's time to buckle down and get serious with the workload. Not homeworkload, just need to finish a lot of stuff that I set out to do in the first place. Study Chinese, work on Pectus Excavatus (a soon-to-be-released Onasteek original publication ), work on the Medill Global Journalism website, mail in that earpiece for replacement, and .... okay, so why am I listing my to-do list on the web?

That's why blogs are stupid. But yet, so fun.

Today's link: http://www.nemesiscorporate.com/AsianRU/

{ 29 March 2002 }
4:16 PM |  
Man, spring break went by and nothing happened.... I don't think I've ever been happier to do nothing. Well, I guess I did do laundry, and there's still three days left in this break. Time to pick up all the trash lying around my room. No, not garbage, just papers and stuff... anyway, I'm rambling... Maybe someday I will put something of import on this website.

{ 27 March 2002 }
10:07 AM |  
I'm too old for going to bed late. Augh.

{ 26 March 2002 }
5:30 PM |  
I guess since I've been on spring break I inadvertently took a break from my "blogging." sorry about that.

another reason: final fantasy x. oh my goodness, what an incredible game. and i want to finish it before classes start again, because otherwise it's going to be pretty distracting.

okay, time to cook dinner for the Jeff and the Tony.

{ 20 March 2002 }
9:30 AM |  
I woke up on time today, but sadly... there was this urgent need to get dressed up... you see, we're taping mini-anchor packages today for class, so I needed to look all snazzy.

And for the third day in a row, I got to the El stop right when the train pulled up.

This time was the closest. I literally saw the train doors close as I ran up the steps through the door to the platform.

C'est la vie. Que sera. Da jia yi qi jiao, da jia yi qui xiao.

On the other hand, I got to class and found out I was an hour early... so it didn't matter! :) Today's the last day of class, thank goodness. Oh, BTW, MuffinFilms. You'll thank me, or hate me.

9:19 AM |  

{ 19 March 2002 }
9:33 PM |  
Below is sampling of people who now know what I know. Hehe. Actually, I don't understand why people post on the WB's website thinknig that their idol star might read it. Okay okay, so I guess I sorta think Kristin Kreuk is pretty too, but man, some of these peopel are unbelievable. Still, she sure has her moments. ;) Enjoy.

(now back to God-centered thinking for me... eeeee!)

9:22 PM |  
TheWB.com - Feedback Bob, Kansas City
03/19/2002 22:07
Whoaa!!!!Lana got it goin on!

Justin, Iowa
03/19/2002 22:06
The pool scene in the episode Nicodemus will play over in my mind time and time again. I love Kristin Kreuk! Clark and Lana have to be the most gorgeous couple on TV.

amanda fl
03/19/2002 22:05
she has the nicest....ummm..backside i have ever seen in my entire 23 years..LOL. Go Lana..and watchin clark freak was awesome!

03/19/2002 22:04
Lana,we men need more lana.She is the hotest ever.

9:22 PM |  
TheWB.com - Feedback brendan Baltimore
03/19/2002 22:12
clark didn't EVEN take of her bra!!!!! what's wrong with him?!

03/19/2002 22:12
I just finished watching Smallville and this episode was great.

Dusty, Norfolk
03/19/2002 22:12
I agree, Kristen is a hottie

Scottie, Baltimore
03/19/2002 22:10
OMG! OMG OMG! that was soo good lana lana lana .. she is sooo fine and sexy ... best episode yet .. votes for more replayable episode

03/19/2002 22:09
Lana was at her supremely beautiful. tonight. She has a great body. Keep up the good work

John, Chicago
03/19/2002 22:09
wouldn't have minded seeing Chloe get a little uninhibited either...

Josh, Kenowhere
03/19/2002 22:09

Melissa, LA
03/19/2002 22:09
Wooooww!!! I am so into this show. I can't wait to know when Clark and Lex become enemys. We all know it's supposed to happen. I almost thought that it was going to happen tonight but wooow! Just a cover. Preety cool show.

Christian, Knoxville TN
03/19/2002 22:08
Kristin Kreuk...OH...MY...GOD! Are you single? :)

john, texas
03/19/2002 22:08
man kristin kreuk is soo damn fine! there needs more episodes with her getting undressed! he is soooo hot!!!!!

9:21 PM |  
TheWB.com - Feedback Zac,New Jersey
03/19/2002 22:19
can the wb sent me a video of thet episode my e-mail vndrmrn@aol.com and lana your died sexy

03/19/2002 22:17
Lana is sooooooo sexy

Shawn, Dallas
03/19/2002 22:16
Lana is the hottest girl ever i want to cry everytime i look at her! she is the hottest girl i have ever seen!

Shelley, Atlanta
03/19/2002 22:15
Clark and Lana really need to hook up, it seams that she feels the same way he does, maybe she should strip for him more often.............

Stephanie, Alberta,Can
03/19/2002 22:15
I just finished watching this weeks Smallville and it was great. but in the end Clark should have told Lana what she did to him. I think its cool that Lana is Canadian and that Smallville was filmed in Vancover.

03/19/2002 22:14
Lana was hot it gets better ever time keep it up

Johnny, Hereford
03/19/2002 22:13
Ireally thought Lana was hot!!!!! Can we see more of her and Clark together?

12:02 PM |  
     So I woke up pretty late today. I didn't get to take a shower, and man do I feel icky. I'm hungry and quite tired, and I did the stupidest thing--I left my keys at home. So now I'm stuck here at Northwestern until Jeff or Tony gets home.
     Man, this blogger thing is interesting. It's like a stream of consciousness notepad that's available anywhere with a computer and a modem (provided they're both attached to each other and there's a phone connection... and a cord... and the correct software... all right, forget it).
     Okay, time for lunch.

2:23 AM |  
I've learned more and more that when you more time with God, you spend less time doing stupid things.

I need to spend more time with God.

{ 18 March 2002 }
8:08 PM |  
I am completely done with all of winter quarter's graded material! Woohoo! This of course means that it's pretty much spring break for me, except for these final two days of "special projects." But the projects are more for fun than anything, it seems. Anyway, I'm totally enjoying this weblog thing... it's so very easy to post things on it, and it even updates my own site.

Now, what to do over break...

9:04 AM |  
Well, I didn't sleep. My alarm clock was fast, and so it scared me into staying awake.

7:39 AM |  
New post.... Okay, I can either sleep for 15 minutes, or play with this new weblog toy of mine. Well, I guess sleep is soooorta important.

4:44 AM |  
     Oh, to have someone do your job for you...
     I'm trying out this new Blogger scripting web-based journal entry that might make life a lot easier for me in the future... This way I don't really have to constantly go into my files to update things... and it's posts stuff on my ftp for me.
     Interesting... this is all HTML-based, I see. Anyway, back to my paper.. enough stalling! :) Later.




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