{ 30 January 2004 }
1:41 AM |  
no, it's not my cat, it's my roommate's... but she's gone right now because of a death in the family, so i'm taking care of the cat.... and my allergies are picking up a bit.

{ 29 January 2004 }
12:40 PM |  
the cat is driving me nuts, but he's definitely much more affectionate these days.... i just wish he wouldn't his cold nose in my face constantly every morning to wake me up.

{ 26 January 2004 }
12:25 PM |  

- I Won a ton of pool games, several against decent players, most with just the bar's cue sticks.

- Phone conversation with the Tea-bag:
Chhay: Hello honey.
Owen: Hey... where are you?
Chhay: On the toilet.

- Dream sequence: I had to perform a guitar praise song in front of a large crowd, and I was really worried, because I'm not all good with the gee-tar. Then, I couldn't find my song sheets.... and the person before me was just driving the crowd wild, and kept going... and with each passing song, I knew it was getting closer and closer to my turn... so I drove towards "home" (whatever that is in a dream) to try to look for it, but then at this one intersection, a cop pulls me over (which, in my dream, is the second time that's happened) because I'm not supposed to turn there on a red light or something.... And then it started to rain... hard. I don't remember much else.

- Then, sort of uncanny, on Friday night, I got pulled over by a cop--second time this week--who told me I didn't have my headlights on (the massive snow was making it pretty bright out, so I must have forgotten)... then he asks me if I've been drinking. When I tell him not at all, he says, "Yeah, I don't smell any alcohol on you, I'm heading somewhere right now, so I'm going to let you go. Drive safe." And then he does.

- Saturday night--the night the snow really decided to go gonzaga--I'm driving home yet again on the interstate when I see shining yellow lights in front of me, but they're obscured by some massive black cloud. Let me tell you, if you've never been behind a 10-ton snow plower on the interstate, it is a sight to behold... or not to behold I guess, considering it's a giant black nebula spewing out snow flecks left and right, like some winged demon trying to escape as hell freezes over. At <20 miles per hour.

- Fixing my car: I think I mentioned the broken 100 Amp fuse. I found out last week that it's easy to fix a 15-Amp fuse, not quite so easy when it comes to the 100-Amp ones. I had to call a friend from church to come and help me pry out the plastic fuse casing, so we could unscrew the bottom portion of the fuse to ply out the broken metal strips.

Not so weird.. but try doing it at dusk in falling snow with frozen fingers while a golden retriever prances ten feet away wanting to play fetch with you using the rib bone of a who-knows-what animal. Oh yeah, and the screws kept falling into the casing, so we had to use a magnet on a piece of tape to retrieve it.

{ 23 January 2004 }
11:51 PM |  
okay, so i'm trying to do more, because updating once a week is for losers.

or is it?

anyway, it's time for me to go out and enjoy my Friday night. still not sure what I want to do, but I'm sure it will involve heavy drinking... of soda.

that's right, I've given up on alcohol. even peer pressure can't get me back into it. not that i was a lush ever... maybe a blush.

anyway, it's been fun.. lots of anchoring this week, some stories.

36 days until i can use my vacation time.

oh shoot....STUPID LEAP YEAR.

37 days until I can use my vacation time.

oh wait... today's pretty much over!

36 days until i can use my vacation time.

from Melody Lee:
you have strange typos:

"and i dan't do that."

{ 19 January 2004 }
10:48 AM |  
so i seem to be updating on a weekly basis now...

for anyone who enjoys qotd, it's been put on hiatus because i don't have an internet connection at night, and that's usually when i do most of my website updating.

meanwhile, my car is in a coma, thanks to a broken 100 amp fuse... once i figure out how to unscrew the copper leads, i think i should be able to get it up and running again.

forsooth, thine hither yon merry.

41 days until i can use my vacation time.

{ 12 January 2004 }
12:05 PM |  

spent all yesterday skiing.

was pretty sweet.

fell badly once.

got stuck in deep powder.

otherwise, better than i thought.

so tired now.

so sore now.

must produce 6pm show now.

pictures will be up later, i promise.


{ 05 January 2004 }
1:18 PM |  
For your viewing pleasure.


Break out the poptop mittens and the 180s!


Oh, and congratulations now to the third couple in the past week and a half who've gotten engaged. Yes, Josh-Sarah on Christmas, Paul-Seung on New Year's and now Diana-Minyang also around the same time.


{ 03 January 2004 }
4:17 PM |  

It's been a tough stretch through the holidays... I'm starting to feel a little burned out, especially as I watched some friends go home for Christmas/Hanukkah/etc. and others head to Urbana-Champaign for the Intervarsity Urbana Missions Conference that only happens every three years.

Anyway, so Ijust have two more months before I can get some vacation... ALMOST! I'm sort of excited.

Now to go pay my rent and other sundry bills.




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