{ 28 November 2003 }
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So Thanksgiving was spent with my pseudo-family--three other Butte reporters, one of their boyfriends and his son, and one's "little sis." The seven us sat at a table made for four, I said grace, and was severely mocked for my asking of God to "bless the conversation." Shortly, I understood why.

Anyway, thanks to you Lord for processed and prepared foods... The dinner breakdown is as such: Pillsbury crescent rolls, frozen green beans, mashed potatoes from powder, a can of cranberry gelatin (sliced), and turkey... loaf.

That's right, it's like meatloaf, only turk..ish....

And I'm not sure where the gravy came from.

But it wasn 't a bad tasting meal, and afterwards, we all gathered in the living room to watch the time-honored classic Austin Powers: Goldmember.

The best part of the night had to be when the young son with the acerbic wit lost a bet and was forced to do "I'm a Little Teapot" in front of everyone (and a camera).

Ah, Butte. I will miss thee.

{ 27 November 2003 }
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i've been thinking... what seems to bug me the most... and i think it's disloyalty.... or to use a worse word, betrayal. that could be why sometimes even the smallest of things, like a practical joke, can have an adverse effect on my demeanor. mind you, sometimes.

but then today, i thought about it in a different context. what about God? maybe my sense of hurt somehow is a way to show me how He feels when i sin against Him. because if little things can make me feel that bad (mind you again, sometimes), imagine how He weeps after the lost and the sinners. and even sins can seem like a little things too, at times.

okay, that's the metaphysical entry of the month. time to get cracking on my stories.

(oh, and yeah, apparently capitalization still means something to me sometimes.)

{ 25 November 2003 }
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{ 24 November 2003 }
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oh, so that anchor experience? not gonna happen. so sad. turns out they want the current 10pm anchor to do both shows.... i won't blog what i think of the logic there, so if you want to know, just ask.

on the other hand, i still am going to bozeman, and my future roommate and i have found a GREAT apartment--3 BDR, 2BA, all utilities included. It was affordable enough that we went for it despite only having two people. best part, it's not 100 years old like my current one. still, i can't complain much about the current apartment. it's grown on me.

and yeah, i'll still be a full-time reporter, like i want.

mental note: remind me not to get jaded.

{ 19 November 2003 }
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148, 89, 98, 132

tonight's bowling scores.... pretty crappy and pretty inconsistent.. first game was one of my best games ever. closed 7 frames.... too bad 6 of them were spares...

yeah, so Wednesday night is bowling night now, because the local alley is only $1.50 a game and 75 cents for shoes. I believe I might have mentioned this in my "things i like about Butte" list.

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i would say it's one of those days... but really, considering i have my two stories already, it isn't. it just feels like it.

i'm starting to understand what they mean when they say this business can really burn you out.

but yeah, i've decided to stay in Montana for a while. they're giving me the anchor/producer position in Bozeman. I figure main anchor experience would be hard to come by in any other market, so why not give this a shot. i don't really care all that much for anchoring, but being able to do it is definitely a plus in the biz.

www.mrnewsman.com will launch soon. I've already got a base outline down. but really, unless you want to see my business portfolio, there's no point in visiting.

Unless.... unless someone comes up with something better to do with the site. Content suggestions, anyone?

{ 17 November 2003 }
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{ 12 November 2003 }
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oh my. i went to the YMCA yesterday. i can't believe it's been so long since I've worked out.

anyway, i saw a scale there, so I weighed myself---first time since I moved to Butte. It didn't seem right, so I zeroed the scale, or at least checked to make sure it was zeroed correctly... but it still came out the same.

i've gained ten pounds.

{ 08 November 2003 }
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An overview of Butte after almost three months here

Things I like about Butte, MT:
* the people
* no sales tax
* $5.75 for a movie ticket (non-matinee)
* $1.75 for a game of bowling
* the independence of working in a bureau

Things I'm still adjusting to in Butte, MT:
* pulling into the Arby's drive-in and seeing a large red pickup truck in front of me with two dead deer sprawled in the back
* fish-tailing
* being called Oliver (apparently, there's some high school kid in town who looks like me and everyone seems to know)
* long, long hours
* calling it "Butte-America"

{ 06 November 2003 }
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i've been having weird dreams lately... perhaps another sign of weird things going on... in my head...

I had a dream a friend of mine disappeared off the face of the planet, and I had to form a search party to find her.

Then again, I've been playing this video game where a girl disappears off the fave of the planet, and the protagonist sets out on a journey to find her.

Then last, night, I dreamed i was forced to dance in front of a large crowd. If you know me, I hate dancing... makes me extremely self-conscious. But I did.

Then again, I watched an episode of Angel last night where he almost had to go up and sing karaoke in front of everyone...

Coincidence? Who knows anymore.

minsoolove: I don't think that eight x three thing is a coincidence.
minsoolove: I think you've got something crazy on your hands.

(Actually, I probably should stop eating cornbread crackers and salted fish while drinking Ensure and watching television, right before bed....)

{ 02 November 2003 }
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hmmm.... random thought:

Owen's age: 24
Birthdate: October 24th
Current favorite TV show: 24
Eight times Three: 24


Yeah, probably.




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