{ 28 April 2004 }
12:25 PM |  
Eight months, two days into the Montana experiment, I got a minor case of what one interviewee referred to as a "bowel indiscretion." Maybe it was the excessive cayenne pepper I put on the rib steak, maybe it was the fact that the rib steak was defrosting in the refrigerator for a few too many days.

Or maybe my body's just trying to mark the anniversary of my journey up here with Jeff Jhee, where we ate $5 prime rib just north of Las Vegas. (Note to the wise: Never, ever, ever, order the $5 prime rib. Ever.)

But I'm back in business.

* * *

Unfortunately, eight months, two days into the Montana experiment, I also came across my first racial slur. Sadly, it came, as it often does, from some teenager giggling out the window crack of a speeding vehicle. I was walking out of the new station toward my car across the street. That's when the drive-by occurred. A cream-colored station wagon -- complete with wood siding -- zoomed by. A kid yells out.

"Hong Kong Phooey!"

I mean, please! Give me a break. THINK OF SOMETHING CLEVER AT LEAST. Do I even look like the cartoon dog, who, by the way, had nothing to do with Asian culture other than his book of martial arts moves? It just wasn't funny. But teens do stupid things, as I am far guilty of.... the old "penis" yelling game comes to mind.

On the other hand, I'm surprised it took that long (pastor that referred to "Chinamen" aside--that was more ignorance than racism).

{ 19 April 2004 }
2:42 PM |  
sunday morning wakeup call: next door neighbor doing the whoopity doopity with some female friend.

blah. first time since hong kong that's happened.

then again, in HK it was like 20 times louder.

still, i guess morning sex is slightly better than midnight rantings of "i'm gonna kill your dog" through a megaphone. those were downright scary.

apparently, my neighbor has an interesting non-process for selecting roommates.

but, eh, who am i to say anything.

{ 15 April 2004 }
8:47 PM |  
Men of AAJA DVD link.


I'm on the DVD. You can't see it from the video sample, but you can see my name under the menu "Markets 101 Plus."

Now all we need is a Men of AAJA calendar.

Just kidding.

{ 12 April 2004 }
2:36 PM |  
yeah i figured it was definitely time for an update.

i won an award last week, not for my cancer story, but for a magazine news show a bunch of put on in Medill DC.

so i guess technically we won the award-- First Place: In-depth Reporting -- for our "America's Military: Changing Roles, Changing Rules" show. I did the graphics and the piece on anti-war demonstrations.

and the award was a "Mark of Excellence" award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

So now we'll see if I can win that other award that I sent in two weeks back. That would be cool.

And here's a weird moment caught on film....




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