{ 30 September 2003 }
12:09 PM |  
the more i think of my life as a giant countdown, the more i don't want to waste it.

{ 29 September 2003 }
10:50 AM |  
i never realized how much Peyton Manning looks like James Vanderbeek [sic].

{ 28 September 2003 }
10:56 PM |  
machinations continue....

on the other hand, someone told me today that since they started training for a marathon, they eat four times more than they used to. consequently, they said, they also poop four times more than they used to.

why would anyone be compelled to tell me these things? don't the know i have a blog and a quote of the day on which to post these things?

just a warning to you all. :)

{ 26 September 2003 }
3:37 PM |  
yesterday was a long day.

had a talk with the boss in the morning, covered one story around noon, had lunch with my boss and said goodbye to my parents--they left for home yesterday, covered another story in the late afternoon, then ran over to cover TWO local high school volleyball games.


of course, then i had to write and edit the stories. that was fun too, but i got home around 11pm.

but i'd trade all the days of nothingness for a day like today, anytime.

{ 23 September 2003 }
6:45 PM |  
my guitar has arrived.

it definitely is rough around the edges, but it sounds good, considering how old the strings are. and they gave me a new pair to restring them, so that's-a what I'mma gonna do. (hmm, not so much Ani Skywalker as Venkat's Italian accent)

EG531SC.... i don't know what they were talking about with the whole action thing... i think it's fine.

okay, home now. bye.

{ 21 September 2003 }
11:00 PM |  
oh, and on second thought, yeah, i have watched a lot of Dish Network.... which explains my weird Godzilla based dream last night. It doesn't explain the part where I was eating chocolate cake with people at Bethel and spilled it all over Melba. That was really weird.

10:59 PM |  
if i were totally clever, then i would say the whole reason i haven't written anything in 6 days is because i have been front of the tv this whole time.

but alas i am not clever. and fortunately, my life is slightly more interesting than that.


just kidding.

my parents are in town. and i had a really really really busy friday. package in the morning, volleyball and football in the evening, and picking up the 'rents in between from Bozeman, which Jeff can vouch, ain't a mini-pony ride away from Butte.

time to go eat some homemade shrimp, pork, and cabbage dumplings. i love my mom.

{ 15 September 2003 }
6:13 PM |  
It is finished. For now.

I now have more than 100 channels.

yay. time to go veg out in front of the tv.

11:17 AM |  
so sad when the highlight of my weekend was watching the conan o'brien 10th anniversary special.

poor conan looked a little dazed without a table to sit behind and so much stage space.

but the clips and the guests were great.

oh, last thing: quote of the day will be making a triumphant return in a couple days. i've made no plans, but am putting this out so that it will force me to get things done.

{ 14 September 2003 }
5:47 PM |  
the Dish Network installation saga continues....

I was supposed to get my satellite installed on Friday, but after waiting two hours, no one showed up. Yeah, I called the company and they couldn't get in contact with the guy.

So now I have to wait until Monday.

{ 13 September 2003 }
11:10 AM |  
i was thinking this morning about something a friend once told me, about celebrity, about fame, and such and such.... basically, that since I grew up in LA, fame was something that was set in my head as a life goal.

maybe it's the fact that i now drive around a bright silver Subaru Legacy with huge NBC Montana decals, and that I'm traveling from town to town, meeting all these people, and most importantly, standing out by wearing a tie, holding a camera and, well, being Asian.... but i've started to revisit the issue of being famous.

my friend Choe is a reporter in Champaign, and he always wears a hooded sweatshirt out when he's not working, because he hates the idea of someone recognizing him. he's from Boston, and according to a recent Conan re-run, that's a town where fame actually earns disrespect ("Think you're bettah than us, Mr. TV stah? Git to the back of the line." or something)...

but personally, i don't think being well-known is an ego trip or even an ends to accomplish. i truly see it as a vehicle through which i can make some sort of difference. having indeed lived more than half my life in LA, i've see lots of Hollywood "elite" using their influence to push political points of view (you only have to look as far as Arnold--Schwarzenegger or Drummond, pick your poison), to promote their charitable organizations and to even endorse certain commercial products.

so that's what fame is to me. not glory, not respect, not adoration, not money, but a way to get people to listen to you. and that's when you can get things done... or get the word out. or even the Word.

is it too much to ask to want to start a revolution, of sorts?

{ 12 September 2003 }
3:08 PM |  

woohoo!!! plus i got overtime and holiday pay. woohoox2!!!

3:07 PM |  
had a great chinese meal last night... the folks over at Hong Kong Restaurant invited me over to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. they even had moon cake and stuff (from San Fran, of course).

the coolest part? deer. it's archery season in Montana, and those with licenses are allowed to hunt one deer and one elk per season, i think. the father of the restaurant family got one, and we had deer last night along with the chestnu/cashew chicken and the sauteed shrimp. it was thinly sliced and stir-fried with bell peppers and chili sauce and stuff.... tasted a lot like beef, only a bit more tender.

and, btw, they've never heard of boba.


{ 11 September 2003 }
5:17 PM |  
dish network will have to wait.

i had to do some football interviews yesterday, and today is 9/11, meaning i have things to do.

tomorrow.... tomorrow....

it's only a day away.


{ 09 September 2003 }
1:52 PM |  
Those old Japanese people....

Experts say the traditional Japanese diet _ which is low in fatty foods _ helps explain the longevity of people in this country.

btw, i just love the way the Standard titles its news stories. :)

{ 08 September 2003 }
2:18 PM |  
owen got a bed..... owen got a bed....

okay okay, obscure enough allusion that more than half of you probably won't get it. (janey's got a gun)

anyway, i got a bed, and a telephone... and a neighbor! yes, that's right, i'm no longer the only person living in my 4-plex. a girl just moved in next door. (once again, this is where tony goes "ooph" and jeff goes "ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!"). yeah, anyway, i met her and her parents, albeit briefly.

more exciting news however, is that I'm gettin DISH Network!!! goodbye to law and order and CSI and old seinfeld episodes! hello "planet's funniest animals" and "E! True Hollywood Story." And "Kim Possible." ;) j/k

And, best of all, hopefully, hello Laker games.

Guitar leads the polls, and I think I was leaning that way anyway. Besides, like I said, it's moot. Mom already went out an bought me shirts. She's crazy. But she's crazy with a nearby Brooks Brothers.

The best part is, I might yet get a guitar anyway.

oh yeah, and the bed, full size. i've discovered i'm a soft bed person.

{ 07 September 2003 }
9:48 PM |  
Check this out... from a local viewer. This is a true sports fan.
To whom it may concern,

I am a Butte viewer, Notre dame fan who is extremely disappointed. Having followed my teams schedule along with your advertising of the game scheduled to be shown on KTVM, I turned in to view with anticipation only to find out you had falsely advertised and in fact lied to your faithful Butte, America Viewers. I'm sick an tired of getting ready to view a game, that was supposed to be on and finding out that the U of M is preceding the actual scheduled game. If I wanted as well as others in the city of Butte, to watch the Grizzlies I would drive to Missoula and watch the damn game. Instead we have the U of M shoved down our throat on a weekly basis. What's wrong with MSU? Why is it that every week the bobcats never play on television but the Grizzlies get the whole year except when they play the Bobcats. I want to thank you phony bastards for letting me view a program that wasn’t even scheduled to run. I will send this letter to the head of NBC scheduling. Thanks again from all the Notre Dame Irish fans from Butte for paying your wages for something we did not wish to view in the first place.

For some reason, I could see Jeff doing this as well.

Keep voting on the guitar/shirt thing, although it's moot already I think.

{ 06 September 2003 }
2:53 PM |  
the parents are coming, the parents are coming!

and they've offered to buy me a bed. they figure, if we're going to have to stay at the Best Western for $85/night (times 5), we might as well buy Owen a bed, sleep there, then let him have it when we leave.

one other thing. one of these is going to be my birthday present from them: a guitar or lots of dress shirts/ties.

you can help decide! which will be.....

the Last Gift Standing...

{ 05 September 2003 }
6:31 PM |  
Useful resource:

IM Acronym Dictionary: http://www.aim.com/acronyms.adp?aolp=


4:15 PM |  
from an article at OregonLive.com
"There is a fine line between embracing your child's culture and exploiting it. I cringe when adoptive Caucasian parents say, 'We're Chinese,' because whatever they do, they're not Chinese. Their child is Chinese, but they are not and never will be. It is disrespectful to take ownership of a culture like that. The last thing the children need, after everything that has been taken from them, is to take the culture that is theirs, too.

Have you ever heard of something like this? Where parents of one race or nationality claim to be those of another? I've never heard of this. Sounds strange to me. I mean, I've heard the opposite, when adopted kids of a certain race say they hold more in common with those of their parents... but not the other way around.

4:13 PM |  
hmm... another example of how ethnically homogenous the Montana community really is:

We hired some cleaning people for the the small office that I work out of, and they showed up today. To my surprise, but only a little, they were Caucasian.

I'm not trying to be racist, but in all honesty I've never met a white cleaning person in my life. From a sociological perspective it seems to be a job that lower- and immigrant-class citizens tend to take on while moving up on the economic rung through the generations (like Chinese launderers in the 30's and now the newer wave Korean groups).

On the other hand, I met a nice Chinese family yesterday that's been here ten years. They own one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the area, and I got a-talkin' to their son. It must be interesting growing up as a minority in Butte, MT.

{ 03 September 2003 }
6:16 PM |  
okay, i discovered something very quickly about my apartment:

it was not made for someone of my height.

for example, the bathroom sink and the kitchen counter are both too short for me. it's to the point that when i wash dishes, i either: 1) sit on a stepstool, or 2) more fun, i assume the old karate straddle position just so there's less strain on my back. this is the point where tony normally says "ooph."

anyway, i bought Xenosaga for PS2 (curse you jeff. you have left me with both the savior and bane of my existence). it's soooooooo anime it's sad. the little girl with superhuman powers. the red-headed stubborn scientist girl. the brooding cyborg man who wants to become a robot to lose his human memories (who befriends the little girl). the sexy long-blue-haired soldier(ette) android. the short guy who looks like a kid but speaks like an adult (who mans a spaceship with an entirely female complement). and of course, the strange boyish guy with magical powers and a sorta girly voice who's just really really really nice, in a creepy way.

let's not forget the supporting cast, with the scientist guy who loves the scientist girl but can't bring himself to say so, and everyone treats him like Ron Stoppable from the Disney show Kim Possible. and the serious commander with a dark dark past and misplaced loyalties. and the ragtag spaceship crew who inadvertantly gets sucked into the thick of things.

add to that: creepy FF:The Spirits Within-type monster enemies and the fact that this is just the first chapter... and it's basically an anime where you occassionally push buttons.

but it's either that or watch one of the 14 Law and Order or CSI shows again and again. I never thought I would miss having FOX or the WB.

anyway, enough. time to do laundry.

{ 01 September 2003 }
9:11 PM |  

From this day forth I will forever be known to the citizens of Butte as "that reporter who lost his keys at the annual Labor Day picnic."

They even announced it over the speaker system, and offered a $20 reward.

This of course created a veritable Easter Egg hunt. Dozens of kids running around looking for my keys on the park grounds.

And then I found them myself. In my car. In the camera bag.

Somehow I had inadvertantly dropped them in one of the smaller pockets while I was putting my equipment away.

I've never really felt this way, but this is probably one of those times when you wish you were white. At least I'd be slightly less recognizable. :)

Oh well. Hello, Butte.

10:33 AM |  
i know i haven't updated QOTD in a while. I apologize. i have some, i just don't have any way to connect to the internet yet from my opwn computer, so it's hard to update... the blog on the other hand is easy, thanks to Blogger!





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