{ 06 September 2005 }
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Welcome to a new month.

Got back early Tuesday morning from my vacation in San Francsico, cousin's wedding, etc. The wedding was very cute and beautiful, with lots of kissing and origami and the Golden Gate bridge out the reception hall window beyond the trees blowing in the bay breeze.

The rest of the trip: Chhay is still as peverse and romantic as ever. But that's why we love him. Calvin apparently wanted to go to The Men's Room. Yes, capitalized -- it's a bar in the Castro district. Sharon's doing well, and has some wonderfully funny friends. Potato leek soup indeed.

Bad news: I lost my wallet in a cab. Good news: I called today, and they've found it.

On a related note, Most Patient Friend Award goes to Serena for taking me to the police station, paying for millions of cabs, and loaning me money to use on my flight home without a wallet or ID (yes, I had to go through a very very extensive patdown... well, maybe not as extensive as I'm making it sound).

Don't forget letting me stay at her place... AND enduring with me the agony of not making it to wedding on time..... darn bike race.

Oh yes, the bike race: It's a beautifully challenging course sending hundreds of bikes and cars hurtling up and down the hills of San Francisco. It's wonderful to watch, horrible to drive around.

But in the end... my first long vacation from KESQ was... not long enough. :)

Firsts on this trip:
- filing a police report
- visiting Fisherman's Wharf
- buying Gap Jeans
- playing real soccer (not elementary school soccer)
- eating a wedding cake made solely of cupcakes
- playing Monopoly on a cell phone
- meeting Ivan Basso




question: What is "onasteek?" answer: a silly name from a silly joke from a time long past. but enough about onasteek. let's talk about me.


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