{ 30 December 2003 }
2:44 PM |  
While I am an outspoken advocate for the emergence of Asian Americans (especially males) in mainstream, non-stereotypical careers, I usually don't really really get into the subject on my blog... with a few notable outbursts.

But this article blew me away: USC's Chow in coach conundrum.

It's simple, it's effective, and it sorta makes you stop and think.... why? Chow says there's no racism, but you have to wonder how someone so highly decorated never gets calls for the top jobs in the country. Anyway, I don't want to give too much of it away.

Back to my own story on heating appliances.

(Hello to everyone at the Urbana conference, I'm sure you can't read this but if you can, give me a holler. ;) )

{ 27 December 2003 }
12:31 AM |  
Just like everything else this year, my Christmas posting is a day late. Merry Christmas to anyone who is willing to hear it again.

In this week's edition of Owen World, our intrepid -- in this case that's a word that means "bold almost and probably past the point of foolishness" -- protagonist found himself in the 10pm anchor seat when it was vacated by the current anchor, who decided to spend the holidays at home.

Good for him (and by him I refer to both myself and the other anchor). I've been able to wake up late and eat late and do crazy hourish things this whole week thanks to my temporary position.

On the other hand, the cat can drive me nuts sometimes.

This is the cat, Nomar Fungula Garcia-Parra Bigglesworth.... or Nomar for short.

DON'T BE FOOLED! HE'S INSANE! I know you're all like "oh, he's so cute in the sink!" But dude, he gets nasty! For example...

Look at that look of pure evil! Merry Christmas indeed.

{ 22 December 2003 }
11:23 AM |  
So I liked Return of the King, really I did.

The only qualm I had was that it was so stinkin' long. Not that it was all that much longer than the other movies, it just felt that way. It felt like it ended, and then it ended again, and then it ended again, and then it ended again.

As I told the people I watched it with, the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth ended during the time we were watching the movie.

And jeez, I'm exhausted this morning.

{ 18 December 2003 }
7:19 PM |  
for you people who didn't understand me (see previous comment), doing a standup does not actually require me to stand up. that's just the term for when i'm in front of the camera for a portion of the story.

i'm actually pretty sure that Jeff knew what I was talking about, I'm just using my blournal to ridicule him.

{ 17 December 2003 }
7:55 PM |  
(ouch... left tricep hurts.)

I GOT TO DO THE COOLEST THING TODAY. Pilots from the Gallatin Valley (where Bozeman is) celebrated 100 years of manned flight today. And I got to ride up in a helicopter -- I affectionately nicknamed it SkyNews 6/42 -- and get shots all over the place, including huge aerials of Bozeman.

I did a standup (where I'm in front of the camera) from inside the helicopter. And man were there some good interviews.

Anyway, it was great. I live for the fun stories (and the investigative stuff).

Time to eat dinner, lei-tah.

{ 15 December 2003 }
10:09 AM |  
Sorta proud... I forced myself to go to the new gym (where I signed up on Friday).... with the pretense of going to pick up some paamphlet info on the athletic club's hours, etc.

But I knew I had my gym clothes with me, so when I got there, I convinced myself to go work out and just carry my phone with me if my friend Jared were to call.

And so, for the first time in weeks, and the second time in almost 4 months, I worked out.

Very sore now I am, but it's okay... it's just the beginning. Soon, this stomach will be back to flat, but muscular flat this time as opposed to emaciated flat.

So yeah, that's the biggest thing that happened this weekend... well, except for Saddam being captured and all.

P.S. for those of you wondering... while I was there, I had a glimpse of one of the most attractive girls I've ever seen (in Montana no less). anyway, that's it.... i'm not much for "making moves." But I'll leave out the description.... except to say, not even close to my standard "type."

{ 14 December 2003 }
3:20 PM |  
looong week feels like it just ended... but of course, it's sunday, which means the new week is about to begin.

oh the rat race.

{ 09 December 2003 }
12:42 PM |  
oh yeah, and it's really weird, but even though my comments all say "(0)" some of them still have comments on them...

i think it may be time to switch to a new comment board... what say you, faithful followers? (i.e. me, maybe jeff, maybe chirstine... and maybe grace as long as i remember to update the headline portion of the main page)

12:24 PM |  
really really weird dreams lately.

i attribute is mainly to reading Harry Potter right before bed. that and the new apartment.

but why is it there's always some form of mass transit in my dreams... be it buses or elevated trains or subways or whatnot, i always have some dream where i miss my stop or have trouble giving directions to get someone to where I'm waiting.

it's messed.

{ 08 December 2003 }
1:20 PM |  
not much time to blog this week. it's my first full week in bozeman.

i want to wax philisophical, but i really have only one thing to say, and Jeff will definitely give it to me for saying this but...

Harry Potter rocks.

{ 05 December 2003 }
3:20 AM |  
I gave up a whole night of sleep for this, so you better watch it.


{ 04 December 2003 }
12:41 PM |  
It has been most hectic of late. And I've noticed a blogging trend. It seems whenever I most want to blog is when I have the least time to do so.

Take this whole past week. I've been training Amber, the new girl, in Butte all week. I've also been putting together a little project for my nephew Malcolm. Furthermore, I've moved into a fabulous new 3BDR, 2BA apt. (1,012 sq ft!). And having only one roommate means, yes, there will be a guest room for anyone who wants to come visit me.

Being a reporter at the main station in Bozeman is sorta weird. Now I have to share cars, cameras, editing bays.

AND I HAVE TO SOCIALIZE! hehe, just kidding. That's the best part. Having people around. Makes me less alone in Montana, eh?

... lastly, so Dish Network was set up just in time to see the Lakers pull off a victory against the Spurs last night. Go Lake Show.

All right, back to my four stories for today.




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