{ 28 December 2004 }
3:47 AM |  
Proof that you can go home again... sort of: These fine folks have been my friends for years, some since elementary school. A few I hadn't seen since before college.

Even so, tonight -- years older, miles separated, ideologies numerous, pounds different, and just a few gray hairs wiser -- we caught up, literally, the old school way... except in a lounge bar, with a little more alcohol this time around. ;)

Some other photos (warning, large file size): 1 2 3 4 5

Here's to Eric Cheung, Tina Yang, Andrew Chang, and some of the other old schoolers who weren't able to make it out tonight.

Want to see what I mean by old school? Check out the ruins of a TOCS webpage I made years ago.

{ 26 December 2004 }
12:49 PM |  
Merry after-Christmas to you, loyal reader. Yes, that's singular for a reason. I know I've been so bad at updating recently, so I'm making a concerted effort to keep things going.

So I worked all day Christmas Day, then drove out to be with Nelson and Rachel's family for dinner. I had to. To be in California for Christmas and not spend it with any family just seemed wrong to me. And it was well worth the drive.

Well, aside from the fact that the gas station I went to gipped (jipped? jypped? gypped? someone enlighten me) me out of 40 bucks on my Rent.com Visa gift card. Thos tings are really cool by the way.

Gift cards are what's getting me through the season. :) The few that I have are going towards things like gas and groceries.

Anyway, Christmas with the Filipino side of Nelson's family was fun. Lots of dancing and music and FOOD. And of course, Jake and Megan were funny and sneaky and cute , as always. Megan kept walking around telling people "You're fired." People kicked out of her boardroom include her maternal grandfather, as well various aunts and uncles, including me. Said to her mom: "Mommy, remember, you not fired!"

U-HAUL update: I finally got a letter from the insurance folks. Looks like it took a while to get to me because they sent it to my former work address, and they had to forward it to me. No, nothing said about monetary amounts, but I'll do my best to work it out. Like I said, I know I probably owe them something, we'll just find out what it is and the easiest way to take care of it.

{ 19 December 2004 }
3:10 PM |  
It's Sunday. It's Sunday! That's my Friday! I get tomorrow off!

So my friend Sonya's in town right now, but I wasn't sure. The funny thing is, she wouldn't return any of my calls. So I ended up calling mutual friend Sylvia to check.

Not 10 minutes after my call to Sylvia, Sonya calls me.

"You are sneeee-aky!" she says.

"Me? Why is that?"

"Don't play stupid."

"What are you talking about?"

"Calling Sylvia to get to me..."


Anyway, despite being on Sonya's blacklist, I managed to try to wrangle a coffee with her tonight.

Oops, time to head out... missing Alzheimer's woman in Palm Desert.

{ 18 December 2004 }
12:39 PM |  
was sick friday. now feeling better. a little. still weak. blah. still sore throat, too.

but i have to go to work.

looks like postings will be on Saturdays for a while.

{ 11 December 2004 }
3:19 PM |  
you know how sometimes writing stuff down helps ease the mind?

3:04 PM |  
So I have a new wow! girl -- Kate Beckinsale. Saw her in Serendipity. Wow. Saw her in Van Helsing. Semi-wow. (Too bad she had to have that Transylvanian accent)

It's been a roller coaster of a few weeks. Sometimes it seems like things are getting better, sometimes it seems like the world's crashing down on me. I keep hearing, "Owen, just have confidence in what you're doing."

Very true, but I think an early lifetime of impulsive mistakes has made me so much more tentative. Plus, I've always had the democratic mentality -- i.e. "So, um, what do you guys think?" And that can sometimes come across as being unsure.

I guess I could take a clue from my dad and be more demanding?

Lately, I've had this empty feeling in my stomach too. I'm not sure what it is, though I do think there's more than one thing contributing to it.

This is one of those entries where I say very little but ramble on and on, huh? I hate those.

{ 04 December 2004 }
5:52 PM |  
It's time to update.

I'm in Palm Springs, CA, now.

A little more than a month ago I started a job at the ABC station out here in Palm Desert. It's been an interesting time so far. Not an easy job in the least, but I feel like I'm learning. And as long as I get better, then it was the right choice to come here, right?

Meanwhile, I got in a big accident on the way down from Montana. My U-Haul rolled over, off the interstate. My cat's doing okay, so am I, thankfully. It's been a bit tough picking up the pieces of my life (literally in some cases). But I'm starting to get back on track, or so it seems.

Congrats to Josh and Sarah who got married; Megan and Ava, who both had birthdays; everyone for Thanksgiving; and my parents, who celebrated their 26th anniversary this year.

Can you tell I'm in a reflective mood? It's cause I feel like crap right now. And crap reflects. Hmm. Yuck.

Okay, time to do something productive.




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