{ 18 February 2003 }
2:38 PM |  
owen's weekend in a nutshell:

Played darts with a Vietnam vet named Steve, took shelter from a snowstorm with Vermonters at the Washington National Cathedral, and shot an interview with an octagenarian cab driver who I know only as Mr. MacIntyre. Happy Valentine's Day.

{ 13 February 2003 }
12:46 AM |  
sometimes, people just try to hard to come up with interesting statistics. case in point:
(an NBA stat from ESPN)
"Denver is 1-34 when opponents score 83 points or more."

Who looks at 83 points as a benchmark? Don't we usually go by 100 points? Or maybe at least a mutliple of ten? Maybe I'm missing something. Please tell me if I am. Why not just go the whole way and say Denver is 0-39 when they score less than their opponent? Anyway, you know what I mean.

Go Lakers. That's 7 straight. The next game is where the bubble bursts. Let's hope it doesn't. G'night.

{ 10 February 2003 }
10:58 PM |  
new favorite band: Ben Folds Five.

too bad they broke up. they're just so musically sound (that's what the jazz background gets you. i heard them a bit in Hong Kong, but it wasn't until i downloaded a bunch of their other songs that I've come to realize that I like them a lot. not like "Brick" but better stuff like "She Don't Use Jelly," "Leather Jacket" and "Song for the Dumped."

and I came across a bunch of Oasis songs on my computer that I had forgotten about. as the previous entry insinuates, I like "Champagne Supernova." and some other ones. it took a long time for me to like their music. i like this whole having time to write stuff down on my blog thing. it's a respite from the long days, and it means that i actually can budget time to do things.

need to work out more... i started slacking a bit last week. back still weak.... rotator cuff too. i'm falling asleep now, good night.

Owen Lei, Channel 3 News, Washington.

{ 09 February 2003 }
12:59 AM |  
what does he mean by "champagne supernova in the sky?"

just watched "Death to Smoochy" finally. really good, it was very clever and very very dark.

{ 07 February 2003 }
11:15 AM |  
we're here in the newsroom. joie's in an edit bay, critiquing people's stories. i'm hungry. someone just mentioned mexican food. that sounds good.

think i'll go reserach my story for next week.

12:18 AM |  
dude, i wonder how many people write Phil with crazy racist stuff just so they can get posted on his site. at least I hope that's some people are doing, because it's pretty sad otherwise.

and one other thing... there are chat rooms on Yahoo! called "KKKK" (the first K is for Korean, you know the rest) and such where some Koreans or Korean-Americans gather to be just as racist as the people who email Phil. that also makes me sad. because i understand as minorities we're not immune to racism. in fact, i would venture to say that some of the dozens of minority groups in China are treated far worse by the Han majority than minorities here are by Caucasians. and i don't know how much of it is linked to the political structure of the country.

it's been an interesting week...Joie Chen's coming to the newsroom tomorrow. my prof says she's pretty harsh on the critiques. let's hope so. :)

(Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I got to sit in on the State of the Union Address last week. I won't post my personal views on Bush's speech, but i will say that it was cool to be there, regardless.)

Owen needs to find a non-political Washington story. that and sleep. as always.




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