{ 28 May 2002 }
2:47 PM |  
You know, a church retreat is a lot like a battery charger. I know it's bad to make this analogy, but sometimes you feel sorta burned out or worn down, and it takes a little bit of motivation and well, retreat, in order to get your mind refocused on important things.

But batteries start to wear down again once they're off the charger. And with retreats, "re-entry" into the "real world" can take its toll fairly quickly... you get the "Praised the Lord" mentality for the weekend, then go back to your old ways once home.

However, that doesn't always have to bee the case. There's always the chance that rather than attaining a "spiritual high," you learn something significant and have the motivation to apply it to your life. That's what I hope get after being up at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin this Memorial Day weekend.

Despite the sore limbs and sprained wrist (both from basketball), God taught me a lot. Too much thickheadedness can cloud one's vision. Gotta work on that pride thing too, especially in a field where you have to swallow your pride frequently in order to get the best story. Prayer and stuff should help. I think I forgot about that somewhere along the lifeline.

And, golly gee, I'm going to collapse from exhaustion.

(Oh, and yes, to those who keep mentioning it, I got that haircut a while back. Haha, I'm glad someone visits my site. ;P)

Two more clips: High-speed Rail Initiative and CTA weekend detour

{ 09 May 2002 }
9:53 AM |  
My goodness, it's been almost two weeks since I last updated my blog. Hey, guess what? I got another story published!

Chicago group exposes possible campaign contriubution scandal

In other news, Jason Bang is in town, and it has definitely livened up the apartment. Hmm... I almost need a haircut. Oh, and I finally got my disposable camera developed... there were 39 photos on that roll, dating back to last summer! They're quite horrible though, for the most part. :)





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