{ 30 July 2005 }
7:51 PM |  
San Diego was fantastic! I can't remember why I didn't find it so awesome last time I went. Maybe it's the people. I got to hang out with Jess and Phil and Ryan and Andrea... people I usually see only at AAJA conventions.

Well, I guess the biggest thing is it was 79 degrees with an ocean breeze. That's a far cry from a place where 105 degrees all week is considered a cooling trend.

Linda is pretty much what I expected her to be. But we had a great conversation, and seems like the future's looking all right.

I think I'll go back in a few weeks, like I planned originally.

{ 27 July 2005 }
2:51 AM |  
time to step up at work, methinks.

meeting agent on thursday for the first time in person. should be fun.

voice acting teacher said i had a lot of natural aptitude. now if only i had a lot of natural baritone.

things gettin' crazy all round.

{ 04 July 2005 }
5:43 PM |  
Happy 4th of July.

And no, I don't get this holiday off either.

We had a brief discussion about it here in the newsroom -- how people always ask if we have [insert holiday name here] off... and then seem surprised when we say no.

This seems to happen even with people with whom we converse frequently.

So I'll let you know in one fell swoop:

No Thanksgiving, no day after Thanksgiving, no Christmas, no New Year's, no Memorial Day, no Labor Day, no President's Day, no Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no Independence Day, no Columbus Day, no Boxing Day (Canada), no Boxing Day (U.K.), no Cinco de Mayo, no Bastille Day, no Sweetest Day, no United Nations Day (that's my birthday though), and no Chinese New Year's off either.

There is some compensation -- holiday pay for a few of those. But sometimes you'd rather spend the time with family and friends.

{ 03 July 2005 }
1:15 AM |  
it may be called PetSpa... but really it's what amounts to a doggy water jail:

{ 02 July 2005 }
11:34 AM |  
went live for an hour yesterday. breaking news, big structure fire... we just kept going back and forth between the anchors and me, question answer question comment etc.

it was insane, and tough, but it was probably better than doing a story on holiday traffic.

so depending on how you look at it, i picked the right/wrong day to work an extra shift.




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