{ 30 March 2004 }
12:14 PM |  
i submitted a series for an award today.

i filed my taxes from Arby's (wireless internet!) on Saturday.

still need to get done: register vehicle, gather donations, student loan forebearance.

oh money, thou dost elude me.

{ 26 March 2004 }
4:35 PM |  
behind bars... for good!

{ 25 March 2004 }
10:43 AM |  
strange... i think they changed the IP address of my FTP server and that's why i was having problems with previous versions of my blog and such... anyway, all good now. i think.

today i get locked up for muscular dystrophy.

if you want to pledge me donations, i would appreciate it... My mom has said she'll match anything I raise, so even $5 would be $10.

{ 22 March 2004 }
3:27 PM |  
i spent a lot of money over the weekend.

and a lot today.

do you know it costs $9.45 to dry-clean a suit? jhees.

oh, and by the way, if you know Jeffrey Jhee... from now on, please call him Geophreegi. That's his rapper alias.

... says me.

weird dream recap: (backstory: Kerry's cat has been even more crazy recently than before, peeing everywhere and just generally running wind sprints around the apartment.) So the cat got out of the garage--the one we don't have--and I went chasing after him. I found him playing around on a pile of dust and dirt.

So I grabbed him around the scruff of his neck, probably a little harder than I've done so in the past.

Suddenly, he yells, "Ouch!"

Stunned, I say... "Wait... who are you?"

And the cat looks at me and says, in perfect English, "Jheesus... now my cover's blown."

I say, "What? Are you posessed or something?"

"Okay, yeah."

"Wait, how long has this been going on?"

"Actually, I've been possessing this cat for 70 years... back then, he was losing his loved ones, didn't have any family to take care of him, so it just seemed like a natural fit."

Anyway, it just goes on and on. That's it.

{ 15 March 2004 }
10:41 AM |  
I won $20 over the weekend. But I spent probably close to $70.

"I'm all in."

{ 11 March 2004 }
5:38 PM |  
People I didn't see in California: Grace, Iris, Toan, George, Kobe Bryant.

{ 09 March 2004 }
7:19 PM |  
all too short. the vacation. sigh. back to the grind... but at least i feel semi-rejuvenated.
it was fun. i got to see Craig and Judy and I-Ming and Tina and Andrew and Sam and Eric and Floria and Cherryl and Jane, in that order.

Also guest starring: three nephews and two nieces, one of which i had never met before and one which has grown leaps and bounds. Ava is darling, and we bonded almost immediately. Megan as always, is deviously cute. Malcolm and Noah are their usual selves, cute as well. And Jacob is affectionate as always.

Oh yeah, and my generation and my parents as well.

I ate much food. much food was enjoyed. from soondooboo to sushi, from double doubles animal style to roast duck, crispy Chinese style, much food was enjoyed indeed.

now, back to the daily grind... oh wait, said that already.

{ 07 March 2004 }
11:26 AM |  
it's been a good vacation.

11:25 AM |  

{ 01 March 2004 }
1:16 PM |  
not a bad oscars night...

Favorite moment: Billy Crystal as director Michael Moore in Return of the King. "Hobbits! Stop this fictitious war!"

First Runner-up: Billy Crystal again, doing the naked shock scene from Something's Gotta Give. Hah, I'm still chuckling from it

Second Runner-up: Lifetime Achievement Oscar winner Blake Edwards flying across the stage on a wheelchair, manages to grab the Oscar en route, goes through a drywall wall, and gets up to give a heartfelt speech with dust all over his coat.

Biggest surprise: LOTR winning Best Song. I totally thought A Mighty Wind would be the one to deny Peter Jackson his clean sweep.




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