{ 29 April 2003 }
12:01 AM |  
I twisted my ankle a bit, got knocked in the jaw, my glasses are bent out of shape, got a headache, completely dehydrated and was sweating like a bathroom mirror after a hot shower.

God I love basketball.

{ 28 April 2003 }
3:16 PM |  

Proof that at one point, I was on Kristin's good side. (courtesy Bethel EM)

2:46 PM |  
It's been nearly a month since I stepped out of the protective confines of an ongoing Northwestern University education and into a world of job searching, car crashes and friends' weddings. And I've come to one conclusion so far: I really need to get a job.

The slow-paced, non-chalant life of video games, basketball, hanging out and hanging around has its perks, but give me the job-related stress of deadlines and burnout any day.

The vacation must end. I'm going to Lansing this week, and back to LA for a West Coast interview the week after. My friend suggested I tell Jeff I'd be back in a couple days, but I don't want to scare him. :)

On a separate (but slightly segueway-ish) note, I beat Jeff at H-O-R-S-E for the first time ever yesterday, and did so in shutout fashion. To his credit, he beat me 4 times (it would have been three, but I felt bad that I whupped him so we played again... but I swear I didn't throw the game, just didn't shoot as well as my winning round, unfortunately). Maybe it means I'm getting better at b-ball. Probably not.

But, Jeff.... (In Jason Bang voice:) I beat you. Heeheeheeheeheehee.

Oh, and GO LAKERS.

{ 25 April 2003 }
10:51 AM |  
looks like i'm staying one more week.... hahahahaha.

{ 22 April 2003 }
5:12 PM |  

I'd say go see it to support Asian American cinema, but I can tell you it's definitely not a waste of your $6-$9.

But, I also must warn you, it's a pretty disturbing film at times. If you don't like that stuff, well... I dunno.

1:02 PM |  
found this quote in a Time Asia article:

"When he first arrived in Houston, Yao was delighted to find Rochester's Big & Tall clothing stores, only to have his hopes dashed when he found that he was still too big and tall for their off-the-rack attire. "

(By the way, take a look at some of the other articles too, they're pretty good.)

1:11 AM |  
new quote page up, finally, as well as new other stuff... i guess i figured i'd get it up before the year was half done.

{ 21 April 2003 }
3:17 PM |  
i think i'm falling in love all over again... with my favorite thing... food.

craving korean food now. i've eaten at a different restaurant every night except for last night, when i decided to cook mahself a chicken and pasta dinner.

and now that i've been in the midwest so long... ack! i have to do laundry.

back to the job search.

{ 19 April 2003 }
10:35 AM |  
okay, so my buddy grace is getting married. sounds like a cool guy, too. anyway, she says she checks my blog, so i guess i should update it more often. umm... i got in a car accident a couple weeks ago, i've been to rochester, MN, champaign,IL, and beaten more zelda games than i can count.

oh, and basketball almost every night.

okay, i'm out. esther's about to come pick me up and then go look at some TV.

oh yeah, and grace, if you're reading this, you're like, cool.

{ 01 April 2003 }
9:55 AM |  
so i finished my trip. and in the process got some weird stories to tell.... like how i got a ticket, how i went to the only Ben & Jerry's drive-thru window in the nation, how my ear got an untimely bruise (which actually has to do with the ticket), how my RCS ranking has fallen, how i'm covered in dog hair, and how i randomly took a bus with Columbia law students going to DC to support affirmative action in front of the Supreme Court.

and here i am now, back in the Medill newsroom, reporting what's happened. :)




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