{ 31 January 2005 }
6:23 PM |  
Not only am I Thursday-Friday-off guy now, I'm also a photographer on the weekends.

That's partially why I have less time to update my blog. I'm usually out the door as soon as I get in each morning, instead of setting up stories.

I really should mention getting hit by the police taser, huh.

{ 14 January 2005 }
3:36 PM |  
the times they is a-changin'...

my new schedule switches my weekend to thursday/friday. it's not a bad thing.

i do have to change my opthalmologist appointment though.

{ 10 January 2005 }
11:44 AM |  
Excerpt about Jeff from conversation between me and Tony (extraneous conversation removed):
o W E n S esame (9:37:31 AM): i guess he is teaching
SM3 gma (9:38:10 AM): wonder what his schedule is
SM3 gma (9:38:15 AM): and what exactly he's teaching
o W E n S esame (9:38:54 AM): "now, this is a forehand. it's more versatile than the standard throw. make sure you hold it like this, then flick with the wrist."
SM3 gma (9:39:09 AM): HA
o W E n S esame (9:39:38 AM): "and make sure you add the bananas while you're blending, not before... this brings out the flavor in the ice cream."
SM3 gma (9:40:28 AM): HAH!!!
o W E n S esame (9:40:31 AM): "actuarial work can be very satisfying for you math whizzes."
o W E n S esame (9:40:46 AM): see if i have any other gems for you...
SM3 gma (9:40:50 AM): might as well make a fake QOTD archive while ur at it
SM3 gma (9:41:00 AM): or better yet
SM3 gma (9:41:07 AM): deep thoughts, by jaj handey
o W E n S esame (9:41:34 AM): "now the easiest way to get assailants off your bed is to roar loudly, then flail."
SM3 gma (9:42:05 AM): hahahaha
o W E n S esame (9:42:30 AM): "girl trouble? where do you think you are? this is a Kaplan course, not Dr. Jhee's Love Tips!?!"

{ 01 January 2005 }
8:51 PM |  
I wonder how many of my posts begin with "I'm tired."

I wonder how many of my posts begin with "I wonder how many of my posts begin with 'I'm tired.'"

There was a bomb scare in town today -- turns out it was an empty metallic suitcase that someone must've accidentally left at the park.

That, on top of tsunami relief stories... the mugshots... and the stolen monkey statue. Gosh, I'm so tired, now.

I wonder how many of my posts end with "I'm tired."




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