{ 31 July 2002 }
4:30 PM |  
This Dallas convention is going to kill me. Of course I've been wanting to do it since last year..... but I'm having a hard time juggling all the different things going on in my life at the moment... Por ejemplo:

1) Chicago Broadcast class (one weekly story, setting up/conducting interviews, shooting footage, recording the Tuesday show)
2) Chicago Broadcast class (four-page final project/same as above, but three times as much... OH, and EDITING)
3) Global Journalism class (100 pages of readings a week)
4) Global Journalism class (2,000-4,000 word final paper, profiling someone who is from my chosen country... China)
5) Global Journalism Quarter (preparing housing, airplane tickets, immigration forms, internship applications)
5) Broadcast Issues class (40 pages of readings a week)
6) Broadcast Issues class (final paper analyzing breaking coverage of local news)
7) Asian American Journalists Association convention (one entire week working in Dallas)
8) Financial Aid (FAFSA/NU aid forms, which, thank goodness, I finished today)
9) News (keeping up with current events, and looking at Dallas news to generate story ideas)
10) Laundry
11) Cleaning apartment for potential future tenants
12) Washing dishes
13) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (minus Breakfast)
14) Exercise (maybe maybe once a week this quarter)
15) Church (Sunday mornings)
16) Sleep (down to an average of 5.5 hours a night)
17) Cosmetics (apparently, I need to comb my eyebrows, plus haircut every three weeks)
18) Moving Out (packing for when the lease is up)
19) Grocery/etc. shopping (2 hours every week and a half)
20) Global Journalism (creating/uploading new website, including instructions on how to modify it)

{ 29 July 2002 }
11:45 AM |  

{ 24 July 2002 }
11:49 PM |  
Twist of fate today... Michelle Madigan and I were covering this AIDS photo exhibit at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago today when we came across this small non-profit group called Working For Togetherness. Blaring (or perhaps... blazin'?) music rfom two SUVs, they drive around poor, at-risk neighborhoods with gifts and music and even some PS2 games.

When people come out to find out what the music's about, the Togetherness crew tells them they're doing free HIV screening. In this way, they can get out there and help out those communities where people might be hesistant to get tested.

Mind you, their staff totals 4 people. Four people, two vans, and 4,000 people already tested this year.

{ 19 July 2002 }
5:08 PM |  
Life's Little Lessons
So I was at McDonald's for lunch today. I had ordered myself a 20-piece chicken nugget meal, something I have been craving for days.

Anyway, I'm munching happily, reading The Onion, when this middle-aged woman comes up to me. She was dressed okay... old clothes, but not too dirty or tattered.

She asks me if i can loan her some change for food. "I'm very hungry," she says.

I told her i didn't really have the money, which is sorta true, because I had only enough money for lunch and some stuff I needed from Osco.

So then she asks me if i can loan her some food. "I'm very hungry," she repeats.

So I'm like, "Sure," and I reach toward my fries.

But then she stops me, points at my chicken nuggets and says "No, some of those? Just two. I'm very hungry."

If you know how I am with food that I crave and love, you know that's something you only ask me when I'm in a good mood. Couple this with the fact that I gave a different homeless guy $10 yesterday to do a mediocre shoeshine (I didn't have change for $5, and of course, neither did he, but I gave it to him anyway because he looked so beaten up by life)... and what I said was, "You ask me for food, and then you're picky about it?" I didn't even look at her.

"Fine, here, take it." I give her two nuggets and a napkin.

She says "Thank you," walks off, pauses, says "Thank you" again (I'm not looking at her), and then walks away.

Needless to say, I felt absolutely horrible about how I spoke to her.

I don't think I said it really really meanly, but nonetheless...someone asks you for help, you help right? You don't make them feel bad about it. You don't condescend. You just do it. As cliche as it is, I then thought, WWJ(H)D?

I felt even worse when I got through with my meal, and had three nuggets and some fries left over.

So put the fries and nuggets together, refilled my drink (with a new straw) and went out looking for her. I walked around downtown Evanston for a bit, but i couldn't find her. So I came home. Sigh.

I hate lessons in life. They're never any fun.

{ 18 July 2002 }
10:01 AM |  
NNN Show 2

School is fun, if not tiring. But I guess it's the same old story. Time to go research my piece.

{ 09 July 2002 }
12:19 PM |  
NNN Show 1

Show 2 wil be up later today.

{ 08 July 2002 }
1:38 AM |  
Went to two BBQs on July 4, was mucho fun. Also had dinner in Chinatown on Saturday.

But it's the crazy lecture project for Monday that's been taking all my time. I'm officially calling this "The Project That Went To Hell." I've been making phone call after phone call, trying to procure an AIDS expert or epidemiologist to talk in class, but alas, I have with no success. Kamilah, my partner, is in the same boat. (It doesn't help that every good AIDS expert is in Barcelona right now, attending the annual World AIDS Conference.) Furthermore, for some reason, the readings we were supposed to email to the class didn't go through, so most people didn't have the readings until Sunday morning (I spent the better half of late late Saturday rewriting and sending them).

On the othe hand, the Chinese restaraunt from Saturday was some of the best Chinese food I've had in Chicago. The place, named Triple Crown, is a little off the main Chinatown street. Lots of seafood at very affordable prices.

Finally was able to attend Bethel on Sunday, but I kept falling asleep because of how late I've been going to bed.

Oh, and I recently attended Ravinia for the first time. Very very cool.




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