{ 08 January 2006 }
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Omaha is not hokey. I'm just going to say that now. People stop asking me why I'm going to the middle of nowhere. It's not the middle of nowhere, it's the middle of the contiguous US of A.

It's got an interstate system and all.

Anyway, KETV asked me to write a bio. I wrote two. Here's the second, written very early in the morning:

My father was a Tibetan sherpa, my mother a native of Tatooine. Through no fault of their own, they had me. Some called me child of destiny. Some, Mr. Wubbles. But not Destiny's Child. That's a vocal group... sometimes. Our only similarity is that we both pay our automo-bills.

As a young... Ethan Hawke... I often found myself in the company of dignitaries and hobbits. As a teenager, I once invented the telephone. But only out of necessity.

My college years were marred by a succesion of gyros and fuzzy couches.

In December, I took this job in Omaha. Unfortunately for me, I took it on December 12th. You see, I happen to be dyslexic, but only on days that are the same number as the month. Mayo de Cinco is always a bad time.

Anyway, I thought I was taking a job in Ahamo, a quiet province in the Japanese prefecture of Aksarben.... oh. I think I just now got the name of that former racetrack and will thus end this line of thought.

But it is nice here. I have noticed a lot of Chinese buffets. And one Warren buffet. Coincidence?

I plan to spend my time here covering news, visiting landmarks, and annexing Elkhorn.

With more complete coverage, O w e n L e i, K E T V N e w s w a t c h 7.




question: What is "onasteek?" answer: a silly name from a silly joke from a time long past. but enough about onasteek. let's talk about me.


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