{ 22 May 2006 }
2:57 PM |  
really long week. emotionally draining. lots of death, uncertainty, and shattered hopes. and this time, i'm not joking. if it's any indication, i looked in the mirror today and found i have a few white hairs from all the stress of the last few days.

but what i'm going through is nothing compared to what the families of these victims must be going through. i'll continue to pray for them and for whatever justice needs to be served.

{ 09 May 2006 }
10:42 PM |  
Ah, election day.

Even the primaries are hectic for any newsroom.

And this year, with an incumbent governor running against a state football coaching legend, the heck is definitely ticking.

I was sent to a different race, one in which the candidate lost the nomination for US Senate. I have to say, it's tough to watch a candidate concede. I mean, you throw your heart and soul (and money) and run cross-state non-stop for 6+ months... only to lose. This man conceded with dignity, and immediately threw his support to his opponent-cum-party nominee.

I think, if I were a registered Republican, I probably would have voted for him.

{ 08 May 2006 }
1:58 AM |  
Friday: Saw a $5.8 million diamond ring (rare red diamond), among other million-dollar jewelry sets, for the first time in my life.

Saturday: Shook hands with Sen. Barack Obama. Also, got shoes, underwear and Ginsu knives at great discounts.

Sunday: Shook hands with Warren Buffet, had a one-on-one with him for all of 3 minutes. Then broke story about missing Heisman ring.

All in all a full and interesting weekend.




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