{ 31 May 2003 }
8:33 PM |  
previous high score on Bejeweled: 51,120
today's high score: 215,360

{ 30 May 2003 }
5:05 PM |  
went to the beach yesterday. was fun. a bit windy. set up a tent. actually, two. was fun.

then blew up stuff. not like explosions. more like air matresses.

this is sorta funny:

{ 28 May 2003 }
2:32 PM |  
that's weird... suddenly today, i started feeling like an outsider in my own hometown--that is, like i don't belong here in LA for some reason. i wonder what that's all about.

on a separate note, today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year to date. yay especially goes for we who endure the sweltering sunbowl others call the San Fernando Valley. (today's weather forecast)

it's always a good sign when the temperature outside is 93 degrees despite the predicted high for today being 88.

{ 24 May 2003 }
3:49 AM |  
almost swam today... but as we all know... almost doesn't count except in horseshoes and hand grenades.

hmm, there has to be other stuff where almost counts.

okay, i just sat here for 5 minutes. and i concluded i'm too tired for such strenuous mental activity. adieu.

{ 22 May 2003 }
3:13 AM |  
okay, so you have to register... but I promise, it's painless!

3:09 AM |  
Onasteek's cool new message board!!!

Give it a try. See if you can attain the highest contributor ranking!

Here's the URL: http://pub163.ezboard.com/bonasteekhonestalk

{ 21 May 2003 }
2:34 AM |  
It's over. It's finally over.

This... is my eulogy... for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Many of you don't know it, but BtVS was a huge part of my life. Sarah Michelle Gellar made me stop channel surfing. The witty, dry dialogue (later warped by Dawson's Creek) made me stay. That, and the monsters. But mostly the humor and the plot mythology that grew more and more complicated without ever feeling like it was doing so.

The show was always an allegory for reality. Every monster represented some aspect of life we face and often fear, from the impending post-graduation "demons of the real world" to the significant other that takes a turn for the worse. It tackled the tough issues (not always well, but often better than a lot of other stuff we find on TV), from teenage sex to a natural death within the family. And of course, possessed ventriloquist dummies. Ack. I will always hate those things. My brother used to keep one on the top shelf of his closet in our old house, and it was always looking at me with those beady, non-blinking eyes.... but I digress.

I bonded with others over Buffy. At least two significant women in my life were also fans of the show. At least two of my suitemates in college were acquainted and/or befriended over communal episode-watching. From senior year of high school, through my collegiate career choosing and self-discovery, and my subsequent entry into that "real world," Buffy has always been there. And, well, gender aside, I'm them. At times I'm Xander, goofy and sometimes inappropriately wisecracking but deep down, always well-intentioned. At times I'm Willow--nerdy, good with computers, often questioning my identity but always trying to be a loyal friend. At times I'm Angel... a little broody and well, because I wanna be cool and strong and with that cool face-changing thing. When I push up my glasses and stutter, I'm Giles. And, at times, I'm Buffy--feeling alone but put into this world for a reason... though I may not be completely clear yet to what that reason may be.

I'm getting silly here, but up until that point in my life, and aside from the Disney Afternoon, there was never really anything on TV that I watched quite as devotedly as I did BtVS. So I'll miss it. I mean, it was time for the show to end, for sure, but I'll miss it anyhow. It was my first favorite television series, maybe in part because it debuted during my entry into legal adulthood and has now ended during my entry into real adulthood.

Ans the series ended as it should have, with a bang. I'll say it wasn't my favorite episode ever, but mostly it did what it was supposed to do--end Buffy's ongoing post-ressurection angst at being alone in the world, chosen to be the One to fight the baddies. I hoped for more closure, and was left wanting to know what happnes next... but maybe that's the idea. What's next?

Probably some humor, some drama, some mystery, and some more demons to face.

{ 20 May 2003 }
7:47 PM |  
Today, after probably a year and a half Choco Taco sabbatical, I sank my teeth into the ice creamy crunchiness that is Klondike's best invention.

Just thought you'd like to know.


7:44 PM |  
Many of you have this ability, and you don't even notice it. Call it a blessing, call it a curse, but no matter what you call it, it remains nonetheless a privilege that I do not usually have.

Yes, I am talking about being able to see yourself while showering.

You see--or in my case, don't--my horribly myopic "windows of the soul" indeed require two panes of glass before them in order for me to gaze out upon the beauty that is the created world. But who showers with their glasses on? I guess you could clean them that way... maybe... but in all earnest-y, it's a rare sight (pun unintended... at first... then intended)

So why am I talking about this? Why, because I got a rare chance to see myself in the shower after wearing my contacts to the gym yesterday morning. Probably only the third time ever I've been able to get a good look at my exfoliating technique.

But I'm not going to get into those details. Needless to say, I'm very skinny, but I'll say it anyway.

And you 20/20ers, consider yourself lucky.

{ 18 May 2003 }
8:18 PM |  
Interview with Channel One has come and gone. Looks like there's nothing available... yet. I'm still determined to get a job. And Channel One still remains one of my top choices. And in a short time, there will be something, I'm sure.

Pastor David spoke on King David and Bathsheba today. It's the well-worn biblical account of the fallacy inherent within even the greatest of men... and it got me thinking a lot about where I currently stand, in the spiritual sense. His main points on how David fell into the sin of murder and adultery were: 1) He is not where he should be (the text specifically states that kings are usually out on the battlefield in the spring). 2) He does not stop his sin before it starts (seeing a beautiful woman bathing on the rooftop was inadvertent, but that he lingers to watch was a conscious decision). 3) He lets imagination become action (duh, he slept with another man's wife). 4) He gives himself over fully to the logic of sin (that is, "Hmm, if we can only cover this up somehow, everything will be okay... let's get the husband drunk and persuade him to sleep with his wife... and if that doesn't work, we'll send him to battle and let him die).

Now, I hope I'm nowhere near murdering and adultery... but you do have to realize that the story all starts with one lazy king deciding he's going to take it easy this spring. Meaning... well, as innocuous as it sounds, the spiraling logic of sin (that is, hide hide hide) takes root in the simple things.

Anyway, enough of my sermonette... it's not so much for you as it is for me. Stuff to think about.

12:19 AM |  
By the way, I saw Matrix Reloaded Thursday morning... well worth the price, even if the so-called bargain matinee was still $7.50. The freeway chase scene alone was worth watching it. Unofficial sources tell me they spent well in the millions building a mile-long stretch of freeway and destroying all the cars for that scene.

I can understand the R rating, however, as there is a lot more sexual content in this one than the last... I guess that's Sequel Syndrome. Faster, louder, flashier, sexier, but more than likely lacking on plot. That almost sums it up in a nutshell. Well, the thing is... the plot's not bad... just convoluted. Some scenes seemed extraneous, and much of the dialogue was backward talk. But you'll love the crazy twists.

I watched half of the extended version of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring today, and I had completely forgotten that "Agent Smith" plays Elrond in the Tolkein trilogy. Now, every time I see him, I can't help but think, "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson..."

One last thing: Monica Belucci... yowza.

{ 17 May 2003 }
11:43 AM |  

This is an interesting article on the mainstreaming of blogs, and the power of the written word. Maybe I should gossip more in my blog. :) Anyway, here's an excerpt.

While personal blogs have been around for years, their proliferation has caused a wrinkle in the social fabric among people in their teens, 20's and early 30's. Inundated with bloggers, they are finding that every clique now has its own Matt Drudge, someone capable of instantly turning details of their lives into saucy Internet fare.

"It's like all your friends are reporters now," said Douglas Rushkoff, a blogger and author of "Media Virus" and other books about the impact of technology on society.

In the rush to publish, many bloggers are running headlong into some of the problems conventionally published memoirists know too well: hurt feelings, newly wary friends and relatives, and the occasional inflamed employer.

{ 14 May 2003 }
2:40 AM |  
Stupid Robert Horry. Stupid Lakers for stupidly standing in a stupor instead of fouling Robinson and/or whomever he passed the ball out to.

On the other hand, I should give them credit for (almost) coming back from a 25-point deficit.

Oh, and one more thing... STUPID TIM DUNCAN for not getting punished for leaving Robert Horry completely wide open at his favorite spot behind the line.

As for my life, I got a new TV in my room. I'm still trying to figure out if it's better than the old one. It's newer, but the other one had better speakers. This one has a built-in VCR though... but it's in mono as opposed to stereo. And the old one was about one inch bigger though. This one seems to not fuzz up quite so much though, and it has closed captioning. I guess I might as well pose it to any readers. What do you think?

{ 12 May 2003 }
3:58 PM |  
From the Blog of Esther Sunday, May 11, 2003
lisa just asked me, "what do you know about peja stojakovic?"

mofesta: you stop watching bball for the men!
mofesta: you poser
mofesta: >:o
leesah338: hahahahaha
leesah338: how am i poser if i admit that i watch it for the men?
mofesta: oh
leesah338: i'm posing as a watcher of men
mofesta: then you are not a poser
mofesta: you are just a sicko
leesah338: hahahaha
leesah338: i just wanna see him play
mofesta: you'd like it if he were a one-man team, wouldnt you, you sicko...

[back to me]
The sad part is.... that's almost the exact conversation I always have with Chhay. Even down to the men thing.... hahaha.

3:38 PM |  
So Jeff Jhee has proclaimed himself the Blog Troll.
That is, he visits Tony's and my blog and posts comments bashing whatever we've mentioned in the blog entry. Whee for him.

Actually, my thing is really more of a "blournal" than a "blog..." since I don't include too many crazy links. But blournal sorta sounds weird too. :) Actually, since blog is short for "web log", then it probably would be "bjournal." But then... that sounds... Scandanavian.

Anyway, got a call back from a potential employer. This might be a job.... if I pass the interview. :) Wish me luck.

{ 11 May 2003 }
11:09 PM |  
Apparently, you can use these smilies on the user comments section by entering the corresponding textual codes. crazy, huh? i sorta like the puke one, but it's pretty gross.

From :To:From :To :
:stun:  :eek:
:invasion: :-?
:tooth: :???:
:clap: 8-)
:clown: :cool:
:confused: :lol:
:naughty: :x
:nod: :-x
:nonono: :mad:
:sleep: :P
:sleep2: :-P
:ouch: :razz:
:puke: :oops:
:D :cry:
:-D :tear:
:grin: :evil:
:) :roll:
:-) :wink:
:smile: ;-)
:( ;)
:-( :|
:sad: :-o

3:47 AM |  
Here's Megan!

It's funny. I usually am pretty good with kids, but Megan--my own niece, mind you--took quite a bit of work to win over. But, like all kids, she cracked... they always do. Muahaha. Good night.

And Happy Mother's Day.

{ 10 May 2003 }
1:26 PM |  
Normally, a glance at my counter/tracker brings up no surprises... some hits from someone at northwestern, some hits from jeff, other hits from people who tell me they've visited my site... and it's not like i have anything controversial on Onasteek anyway.

So imagine my surprise when one of my referrers turns out to be some girl named Cissy. Here's her site.

What really creeped me out was that, despite my having no clue who she it, on the bottom of her page was a link to my site under "My Favorite Links." (wow, that has to be the most grammatically wrong sentence i've written in a while.) Furthermore, she had taken one of my photos of Hong Kong and put it on her site... without asking!!!

But, mystery solved, crisis averted. Turns out, on closer inspection, she was my friend Sam's girlfriend (you can tell because it's his house behind his car in the photo on her page). So whatever, take the photo, no biggie. And visit more, to look at photos of your boyfriend. :)

My niece (and her brother and mom and dad, my brother) are coming today. I hear she's getting big. I'll have photos, I'm sure.

{ 09 May 2003 }
2:35 AM |  
INTERACTIVE ONASTEEK (Let's hear your input)

Survey: What is Jeff Jhee's best attribute?
a) body
b) brains
c) personality
d) other (please specify)

{ 08 May 2003 }
1:21 AM |  
so why is marriage in the air? not sure, maybe it's the rising mercury of summer. if it's not Chhay or Charley or Minyang or Grace or Janet (n' "Dayann") or Gina or Sonya or whoever (yes, even Dave and Steph to a certain extent) discussing everything from wedding rings to wedding dresses to wedding proposals to actual weddings.... it's the romantic comedies I watch on the plane or the story my parents told me about when they first met or watching my grandpa hold my grandma's hand after all these years, even though he's starting to get senile and she's been Alzheimer's for more than 5 years....

AND OF COURSE I MUST MENTION JANE AS WELL. Dang. Jane Kim to Jane Nguyen... how crazy... err... interesting... that would be.

so what does that have me thinking about? my own marriage? po'haps... but in the sense that I have no plans to get married for at least three to five more years.... I'm trying to: 1) hold out until Jeff gets married first, and 2) actually settle down somewhere first.

in the meantime, a girlfriend might be nice, but unless she likes the long distance thing, I still need to wait until "2)" happens.

that... and a job.

on the other hand, my grandparents are so cool. i love them to pieces. but they are so frail these days... i wish there was something i could do.

i hate to end on a semi-downer, but until tomrorow, gentle reader (as Ben says), ouh revoyer.

{ 06 May 2003 }
3:42 PM |  
oh, by the way, check out the chat page. fun stuff. so beward next to you talk to me.

2:33 PM |  
On a separate note, I got this wireless internet thing going... it's sweet. I'm tethered now to 500 feet of cordless freedom! I guess I can walk outside to the neighbor's house and still be on the web. But why would I do that?

Had this dream this morning where I was in some weird video game or movie and I caught a rabbit at the beginning of the whole thing, put it in a cage, and it learned many things, was domesticated and became my traveling companion. But then Darth Vader came after me, and there was something about trusting the Force and not my own abilities, and then the rabbit saved me at some point. Then I think there was an explosion and a trip up some sonic elevator. And Yoda couldn't help me because he had somehow taken non-corporeal form. And then I had to throw bananas at some fleeing bad guy, but if I hit other bananas, they'd combine to form sparkling bananas, which I could take back to feed my rabbit friend, who, by the way, was white and fluffy.

Dude, no more sticky rice and protein drinks right before bedtime.

2:24 PM |  
Onasteek's gone international!

Here's a list of domains and regions from where people have accessed my site:

Of course, the weird one is the U.S. Government one... hmm.... j/k.

{ 05 May 2003 }
2:36 AM |  
arg... was going to write something, but i'm falling asleep... perhaps tomorrow.

"tataz" :P and jane has "kewl."

ttyl, ok? 99!

{ 04 May 2003 }
1:07 AM |  
home feels comfy. but it's not as fun. :) maybe i should call some friends up.

and steph, you were wrong... it's 38-degree weather in May... how crazy was that. well, LA's not much better... with rain and all. :P

{ 01 May 2003 }
4:39 PM |  
Three days before I head back to LA. Back to the land I escaped so many years ago. Back... to the future.

I've been hoping someone would help me with my silly video dubbing issues, but it looks like that might not happen. Sigh.

Rented this PS2 game called Dynasty Warriors 4. Pretty crazy, mostly hack n' slash fighting, but there does seem to be some semblance of strategy to it. And it's based on historical Chinese military campaigns, so I recognize a lot of names from that one time where I had to absorb large chunks of Chinese history in three weeks for that silly quiz competition that I totally messed up.

Ah, lessons of life.




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