{ 27 February 2004 }
7:01 PM |  
countdown: three work days until I go home!

{ 25 February 2004 }
7:11 PM |  
The other day, I was ordering my food at Wendy's. When I turned to move over to the pick-up counter, I see this young blonde boy with scraggly hair, most likely a high schooler from Bozeman High across the street.

He looks at me, chuckles and says, "Hey, uh, can I have your autograph?"

I'm pretty sure I frowned a did some sort of double take.

Me: "You want my autograph?"

Kid: "Sure."

Me: "Uh, why would you want my autograph?"

Kid: "Well... it's cool."

Me: "Ok, sure."

(he hands me a receipt, blank side up, and a pencil.)

Me: "So, um, what's your name?"

Kid: "Zac."

Me: "To... Za... is it Z-A-C-K?"

Zac: "Z-A-C."

Me: "Okay... To Zac:... Uh.... Best Regards.... Owen Lei. There you go."

Zac: (laughs again) "Thanks." (runs off to friends)

And yeah, that would be my first every real autograph. Congratulations, Zac... or something. :) We'll see if I can actually make that receipt worth anything someday.

{ 19 February 2004 }
9:13 PM |  
oh yeah, i have a girlfriend now. in technical terms.

ask me for more details, but you'll be disappointed.

oh screw it. basically, she is so in name only because of some deal we get as a result of being together. :)

but i'd rather not say what it is for now.

8:19 PM |  
okay, welcome back... uh... kotter.

last weekend, I was the judge for the Wild West Winterfest Chili Cookoff.

13 contestants, 3 winners. 3 true chili champions. Only one that was really spicy, several that tasted can-good. But only 2 that were pure chili genius, and one that was different enough to merit a third place finish.

I wish I could explain the tastes better in text. But lets just say, the best chili cannot be watery, cannot have tough meat, but CAN be innovative, using different types of peppers, or in one case, cashews and cilantro.

Pork is okay, beef is okay, chicken must not be too dry.

Anyway, that's my take.




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