{ 12 December 2002 }
6:09 AM |  
So much for consistent blogging, huh? My ten weeks at Star TV ends tomorrow. Do you want to know how I liked it? Well, I'll mention something here, but the full scoop requires and emaili or a phone call.

Star was interesting. I got a lot of practical production experience. I was able to produce one short segment, and set up an in-studio interview for another. Most of the time, though, I did grunt associate producer work. It wasn't too bad, but I can honestly say that any doubts I had before about being an on-camera reporter versus a producer have been erased.

It's weird. In ten weeks, I moved three times, found a great church, became the keyboardist for a praise band, made a core group of friends, traveled to Macau, met a girl, dated said girl, broke up with said girl, learned huge lessons about who I am, became friends with said girl, wrote six large stories for a regional news broadcast, ate at tons of restaurants, spent tons of money, watched the entire first season of "24," watched almost a season's worth of The Simpsons, ate dozens and dozens of dumplings and shao long bao, read two books, published one issue of Pectus Excavatus, took tons of digital photos with my semi-new camera, dressed up in a wig and crazy outfit for a 70's/80's Christmas party, gave my testimony, led a bible study, played on at least seven or eight different pianos, had Thanksgiving dinner with a friend's family (sans friend), purchased for really cheap four tailormade suits, lost 900 emails in a freak server accident, baked a pumpkin pie, found an accountability partner, learned the roads of Hong Kong and Kowloon, bowled six games, made like an All-Star in one day of basketball and learned the true meaning behind "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus."

However, in ten weeks, I could have conducted more interviews, done more quiet times, watched more news, organized my time more efficiently, traveled to the New Territories, worked out more, redone my web site, wrote more packages, voiced more packages, done some standups, taken more pictures, made more friends, sung more songs, read the International Herald Tribune more frequently, watched more Chinese movies, been more affectionate, been more callous, gone to the beach, gone swimming in a pool, played more pool, played chess, thought about others more, learned Cantonese, listened more, talked more, played more than one game of basketball, cooked more, saved more.

And written more blog entries.

I will always remember Hong Kong. We'll see if I come back.




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