{ 30 June 2003 }
3:14 PM |  
i've decided to improve my Spanish with an immersion supplement technique. thus, for the time being, aside from Conan, i'm watching only the Spanish-speaking channels on tv. yes. really. unless there's something really important to watch on another station, i guess.

i think i'm going to keep a daily Freecell log for the time being. i post this, knowing full well that my streak will probably end on the very next game after i hit the "publish" button.

current Freecell record: (200 wins, 7 losses, current streak: 54, longest streak: 54)

life: 0

this Friendster thing is just insane, but i'm finally starting to warm up to it. this, after several instances where a friend of a friend turned out to be someone i haven't seen in forever. i think that's the intrinsic beauty of the whole thing, the ability to be able to get in touch with friends to whom you aren't really close, but some of your other friends are. the intrinsic cynicism is that it's just a huge popularity contest.

anyway, back to Principles of Real Estate.

{ 29 June 2003 }
5:07 AM |  
It's funny, i had a conversation with tim and derrick today (two guys who five years ago were still in grade school), and here we are talking about Faustus and metaphors and existentialism in classic literature... of course, the conversation degenerated into a discussion of Smash Bros. and the highlights of the Gamecube system, but even in those subjects, I'm awed at the ability of the human mind to grow in scope and perspective so quickly. I can't wait to see my niece start putting together coherent sentences. It's obvious that she already understands things perfectly.

{ 28 June 2003 }
2:37 PM |  
my arm is freaking sore!

this is what happens when you're a tightwad, and try to get as much as you can out of your $17 unlimited 4-hour bowling night. i went to jack in the box yesterday after we finished, and i could barely pick up a french fry without feeling it in my forearm. mmm... sourdough jack....

on the other hand, bowling was fun. i promised Larry i'd get him a 160 (more of a personal challenge, since there really was absolutely nothing at stake for him), and surprisingly, i got a 165 in my second game. sadly, it was all downhill from there.

you know what that means. i guess i just have to go bowling more. :)

i'd complain this is my shooting arm, but... hah.

where's my diploma? it should be here any day now.

(current job search mentality: fruitless with optimism)

{ 24 June 2003 }
7:14 PM |  
posted a new featured chat as well as two other older chats I never got around to posting.

2:02 AM |  
Mr. Martinson likes wine bars and enjoys shopping with his gal pals, who have come to trust his eye for color, his knack for seeing when a bag clashes with an outfit, and his understanding of why some women have 47 pairs of black shoes. ("Because they can!" he said.) He said his guy friends have long thought his consumer and grooming habits a little . . . different. But Mr. Martinson, who lives in Manhattan and works in finance, said he's not that different.

"From a personal perspective there was never any doubt what my sexual orientation was," he said. "I'm straight as an arrow."

from an interesting article in The New York Times. (http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/22/fashion/22METR.html)

{ 20 June 2003 }
8:52 PM |  
Freecell game #9078 is harder than it looks.

2:46 PM |  
on getting broker by the minute

Dad wants me to get a real estate broker's license, so I ordered these home-study books from Anthony Schools. According to California state law, if I want to get a broker's license and I already have a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university, I still have to take eight real estate courses before I can take the licensing exam.

Those books came today.

Eight textbooks, one workbook, eight requests to take course final exams, and one definitions-on-tape cassette. These wonderful books include "Real Estate Principles," "Broker Management," "Real Estate Economics," and "Real Estate Law." How funtastic!

(in Arnold-voice) Time to close escrow.

{ 19 June 2003 }
2:36 AM |  
I think it's about time I cracked open a Bible on my own. Too long has it been. I think God was gracious enough to tell me that much today.

If there's one thing I've learned from Medill, it's the need to always dig a little deeper. It's not something I learned easily, and often I find myself still only scratching the surface of things. It's like those times when you walk away from a conversation and then think of the exact thing you should have said ten minutes later, only in my case, it's what I should have asked or applied pressured to.

So anyway, the dill-e-o is this. Someone commented today after Horizon (my weekly "young professional" bible study) that I had some really good insights.

Dude. No one has ever ever ever said anything like that to me before. So I attribute it to two things: 1) My growing skill at analyzing text, and more importantly, 2) the likelihood that perhaps God gave me the right things to say. I mean, on my Bible, I had old notes for tonight's passage, but they were silly compared to what randomly popped in my head while scrutinizing the scripture. It couldn't have been me. It was extremely encouraging, and definitely made me want to revisit some old passages in the good book. (Okay, before I sound too self-aggrandizing, I did say a lot of stupid things too. :) )

And later, as I washed my windshield at a nearby Arco, waiting for the gas tank to cost me yet another $26, I realized one more thing. God was revealing in me my hypocrisy, pumping me full with words of wisdom about the follies of foolishness, even as I yet continue refusing to submit myself to others and to Him, as I continue to fight the light that is Christ, as I continue to prefer to dwell in the fruitless darkness of "ungoodness, unrighteousness, and untruth."

Which makes me want to open that book even more, and find out what pleases God.

{ 17 June 2003 }
11:45 PM |  
Puzzle of the Day
Dead on the field lie ten soldiers in white,
felled by three eyes, black as night. What happened?

1:45 AM |  
Baby steps suck.

What I mean is, sometimes you just want to skip the effort and get to the highest levels. In particular, I'm thinking about basketball.

If you don't know me, let me enlighten. I love basketball. It's my absolute favorite sport. However, there's one problem. I suck. Big time. I make hasty decisions. I get tired quickly. I turn over the ball twice or thrice as much as I make a shot. And the scary part is, I'm way better now than I was three years ago. At least nowadays, I remember to run the pick and roll at least half the time.

Anyway, so today I'm watching the And 1 Remix tape and seeing all the crazy passes and shots and defense that these guys do with such ease, and I'm thinking... man, wouldn't it be great... just for a day... to be able to do what a real baller could do?

But then, reality hits me, and it says, "Owen, you have to get better before you get best. Remember... baby steps."

And so I reiterate.... Baby steps suck. But I guess they're necessary.

{ 14 June 2003 }
3:10 AM |  
funny link: http://www.foundmagazine.com/

Saw Finding Nemo again today. I must say, aside from the hit-over-head approach to the story's moral, the movie absolutely does not disappoint... and in fact, appoints quite a bit.

{ 13 June 2003 }
12:19 PM |  
AAHHH!!!! I'm getting fat!!!

Well, fatter.

While most of you may say "Your'e not fat! You're as skinny as a (simile object here)!" allow myself to introduce myself in perspective. Yesterday Mom, for the first time in my life, told me I should be careful how much I eat. She immediately followed up the comment with a "I never thought I'd say that to my skinny son Owen."

It's all in the belly, really... that and the thighs. Hahah, actually... it's sorta fun having a belly to pat.

But starting today, I'm taking ab classes and such.

Man, this is such a stupid post.

{ 12 June 2003 }
11:18 AM |  
EEW! That second paragraph is written just terribly. "While I'd like to blame it on my broadcast journalism "tell it once" style, I have to say it's probably more that I'm not understanding of the fact that just because I get something, someone else should too."??? Sounds like someone plugged that sentence into an internet translator, turned it into Russian, then went and returned it to English.

Let's try again. "While I'd like to blame it on my 'tell it once' broadcast journalism mindset, I have to say it's more likely I mistakenly think everyone should understand something just because I already do."

2:50 AM |  
It has been quite a while since I last posted. Sorry. Especially to Jeff, who has been pleading with me so that he has something to do with his spare time other than re-troll the previous entry.

Patience, kind words, and good intentions. I think I'll be working on these. I've realized recently, especially, that my patience has worn more and more thin. I seem to get frustrated more often when I talk to people or try to show them how something works and they don't get it. While I'd like to blame it on my broadcast journalism "tell it once" style, I have to say it's probably more that I'm not understanding of the fact that just because I get something, someone else should too. (most notably in computers, where I forget not everyone knows what an e-mail attachment or the C drive is.)

Mom says I need to be pro-active in my Spanish. Therefore, para los parrafos finales de este entre de blog, usare el espanol (menos los accentos y "enyays").

Tome un examen de espanol hoy. Creo que fue bien, pero tenia una parte que yo necesite escribir un ensayo sobre los estereotipos. No me gusta escribirlo. Porque? Porque es muy dificil describir cosas para otros grupos etnicos menos los sensaciones de culpabilidad. Entonces, no use los estereotipos negativos, pero ese no es el punto.

El punto es que yo creo que todos estan iguales y la raza determina casi nada de un individual. De acuerdo? Por eso, no quiero escribir estas cosas. Cuando listamos rasgos que son estereotipos, nosotros inintencionalmente damos calificacion de esos declaraciones.

Or so I believe. Anyway, when the blog gets too long, it's time to go to bed. Adios, buenas noches.... Hasta la vista, baby.




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