{ 24 June 2002 }
12:07 AM |  
Vacation was good. I'm sad to hear that the saturday Melodia Sinica concert could be its last concert ever. But if that's the case, I'm sorta glad I was able to sing with the group. I mean, I pretty much grew up with the organization... I've gone with Melodia to China, Taiwan, Canada, New York, and probably other places that I can't remembe right now.

Onasteek has a new domain! Now we're independent! www.onasteek.com! Exciting, ain't it?

Pectus V is up. It's shorter than normal, but the basics are there. Look for a new column by Sushi Y in the future.

New quarter starts tomorrow. Now it's broadcast, baby.

{ 05 June 2002 }
1:47 AM |  
Crazy mad hectic is this life.

Then again, I haven't left the house today. I heard it rained. :) Oh wait, I did leave the house to go to SPAC with Jeff and Tony.

Anything interesting? I wish... Oh, I need to finish researching that long story of mine for Thursday. I gotta stop staying up so late talking to people online, too.

New Pectus is up. I gotta get my writers to deal with non-Asian American issues... while good and necessary, I think one an issue will be enough.

Watched parts of Empire today.... SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Clones. The script, the chemistry, even the special effects are better (read: not over-the-top, with fewer uber-sleek ships).

Speaking of uber, why does adding "-heimer" to the end of everything make it mure insulting? Dweebenheimer, or something, for example. But enough. There are times to think on such things, and now is not one of them.




question: What is "onasteek?" answer: a silly name from a silly joke from a time long past. but enough about onasteek. let's talk about me.


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