{ 29 June 2005 }
7:24 PM |  
Well, looks like my regular sized work week just got longer.

I'm going to be working Friday night. But, hey, I could use the 8 hours overtime.

And at least I can have some fun Thursday with good ole Lasky and my Uncle Ben. Golfing.

{ 23 June 2005 }
10:17 AM |  
I just started reading "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." It's definitely more interesting than I would have thought. Lots of talk about changing your perspective to understand how to chang your tactics when it comes to tackling life's problems. Covey's obviously a person who reads a lot.

Meantime, I'm out here in LA, trying to make the cram all these friends and family into one visit:

- my brother and his family, visiting from Orlando on the way home from Hawaii.
- my parents, who are heading to Alaska for 2 weeks.
- Tony, coming back from a 2+ year job in Korea, stopping here on the way home to Iowa.
- Jane, back with Carvel from the Dominican Republic, on her way back to Cleveland.
- Grace, who is back from the Middle East, and will be heading to Chicago soon.
- Cathy, heading to Vietnam after a long postponement due to major leg injury.
- Serena, visiting from San Francisco for the weekend.
- Sam, who is home from Hong Kong, and I only got to see for 10 minutes last time.
- and Craig and Judy, who are in West Covina, but I don't get to see them too often.

4 down, 4 to go.

{ 04 June 2005 }
6:48 PM |  
That reminds me. Get this -- and I blame the San Antonio Spurs -- the NBA semi-finals decided whether or not I even had time to attend a friend's wedding reception.

Craig and Judy are holding a second wedding dinner for people in LA. They invited me, but it's this Sunday, and I have to work. So I told them, root for Phoenix.

If the Suns had forced a Game 7 with the Spurs, it would have been 5:30pm this Sunday, and that would have meant no 6pm newscast for us. No 6pm show means if I come in early, I can leave early.

But like I said, I blame the Spurs. And the Suns, who underperformed this past week.

Besides, who outside of San Antonio and Michigan wants to see a Spurs-Pistons finals?

(Quiet, Jane.)

6:44 PM |  
A friend of mine mentioned how he wanted to get into online blogging. That reminded me that it's been YEARS (read: MONTHS) since I've updated my blournal.

Plenty of new stuff going on, not much that I want to discuss online. I like my job, even on the grueling days. News definitely dosen't stop for anyone, nor does it pay for anything. That's why holiday pay is the Holy Grail of my job. Double pay (or is it double and a half? what is up with time and a half anyway, it never calculates out to what I expect it to be).

Drop me a note if you still come by and check to see if I've posted anything. That's the only way I'll know if I actually have dedicated readers. Hah.

Pictures from Paul and Seung's wedding are pending. I have them on my computer at home, they will be up here shortly. I know, it's been a while.




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