{ 21 August 2002 }
12:45 AM |  
Oh just in case you were wondering... here's the AAJA student website, AAJALink. You can see the newsteam from the TV project there too... (so sad... I look like a freakin' giant next to all the leettle Asian women).

{ 18 August 2002 }
9:46 PM |  
Ethical dilemma today, but I can't post it because I don't want it published.... but I do want to remember that it happened. And I think it was resolved fairly.

{ 16 August 2002 }
4:29 PM |  
On being a Journalist:

While some people disagree with me, I say being a journalist is a lot like being a golfer. At least, it's a lot like I am when I play golf.

You see, I suck at golf. I've been known to score 120+ on a typical course (help for non-golf afficionados: pros hit around 65-80, good golfers hit 80-90, decent golfer hit 90-100... you see where I am?).

So why do I play? I think it's intermittent reinforcement, like a Pavlov's dog thing (or for you psychology hounds, a Skinner's pigeon thing). You keep hitting and whacking and shanking and swatting, frustrated and flabbergasted.... when all of a sudden, you hit that one, pure, clean, beautiful and straight shot, which soars through the air and lands exactly where you want it to.

That's when something inside you says, "Hey, you can do it." And, just like that, you love the game again.

How's it like journalism? Easy. You spend all day (or days, or weeks) trying to find that one perfect person to talk to or those three sources you desperately need to make your story credible... and people don't call back, people cancel interviews or people are too busy to talk but they will have time for you... AFTER your deadline.

So you keep calling, leaving messages and researching files... and suddenly, a couple hours before deadline (or in today's case, a couple days), you get the first call... then the second... then the third. Quickly formulating the questions in your head, you blurt them out and scribble (or type) furiously as give you their five cents worth. Suddenly you have both your sources and a story.

That's when something inside you says, "Hey, you can do it." And, just like that, you love the game again.

{ 13 August 2002 }
5:11 PM |  
I'd like to tell you I got a great job offer at the Dallas AAJA convention, fell in love and won a ton of raffle prizes, not to mention the critical acclamation of my peers, but that would just be a lie.

However, the student project was more than enough to keep me busy all week, running my co-anchor Julie and me all over Dallas, and sending others in and out of the hotel to interview movie directors, popular journalists and everyday Texas Joes.

There was much fun had by all, from salsa dancing on the first night to $100+ of Chinese food on Thursday to paying $8 and half an hour to skip the real line into a hip-hop/techno club. Yes, there was also the convention job fair, dinners and chapter competitions. But mainly, this convention was about meeting people and getting some experience (as opposed to attending workshops and discussions).

The finished product is great, and while there are little bits that could use fixing here and there, it's overall a great work considering the resource limitations that we had.

So yeah, there was some critical acclamation, some people telling me to call them if I needed help with a job, a prize hat from Karaoke night... and maybe just a little attraction here and there... but of course nothing that would ever amount to anything. And that was not the reason I went, although I heard they did a story on hooking up at the convention some years back. That would be interesting to see in San Diego.

5:02 PM |  
Things learned from the Dallas AAJA Convention:

10) Getting a professional's opinion of your story is not a sign of weakness.
9) In fact, getting professional help (no pun intended) makes your story better.
8) Anything is possible. (with a computer, a digital camera, many cords, and several small editing decks)
7) It is possible to be completely soaked in sweat inside a suit and yet have your forehead not be shiny.
6) You can always learn something from watching those around you.
5) Friends can be made in two days... Good friends in five.
4) I still can't dance, but all broadcast women sure can sing.
3) It's virtually impossible to set up interviews for next week when you're not home.
2) David Henry Hwang does know my grandfather.
1) Smile more.




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